Exploring Baguio series: BenCab Museum

Just a continuation of my previous post and apparently one of the best places we visited in Baguio. Aside from its cold weather and good food, Baguio is also known for its big contribution in Philippine arts and architecture. So after eating lunch, my roommate and I went to a renowned museum in Asin Rd. called BenCab Museum. This was my first museum trip after a very long time so as expected, my heart was filled with excitement and delight.

BenCab Museum was created by a Filipino artist named Benjamin Cabrera. The said establishment has four floors filled with lots of paintings, sculptures and other art collections.
From SM Baguio, we took a cab going to the museum. The trip took for almost an hour but we just paid P115.00. Cab fares in Baguio were so cheap, fixed rate is only P35.00! You just have to pay another P100.00 to enter the museum and  off you are for a very artsy journey!



Sculptures hanging on the walls of BenCab
Each floors contain different set of galleries. From BenCab gallery, Maestro gallery, Sepia, Cordillera, Print, Philippine Art Contemporary gallery– the museum has it all. It also has an Erotica gallery made by artists with an erotic theme or subject.


There is a coffee shop located at the ground level of the museum called Cafe Sabel. The said shop gives an overlooking view of the eco-garden, forest and duck pond which also offers fresh and organic foods. We just ordered something to drink and to my regret, I ordered Cafe Mocha. It tasted like.. well.. mocha, nothing but an ordinary coffee. The next time I go there, I will definitely try a more authentic and local coffee.
The colorful interior of Cafe Sabel
The colorful interior of Cafe Sabel
I had fun taking pictures inside the coffee shop because it has a lot of colors! Plus, it’s so artsy. But there’s more to witness outside.. Tadaaa.. BenCab Museum’s Eco-garden. I was so in love with it’s ambiance because it feels like we were just hiking! LOL. The place was surrounded by trees and mountains too, plus it was very foggy there which made it cozy. The garden, according to my research, showcases organic farm produce and its interior/architecture is inspired by the houses in Ifugao, Kalinga and Bontoc, Philippines.





I enjoyed every corner of this place, so did my roommate. A museum trip is such a captivating and a fun thing to do. So to everyone who is in the Philippines and is planning a trip to Baguio, BenCab Museum should not be out of your list! Can’t wait to hear your stories, too 🙂
BenCab Museum
Km. 6, Asin Rd., Tuba Benguet
Open Tues- Sun., 9AM- 6PM

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