Exploring Baguio series: Artsy artsy

My last entry for this series. Baguio is the best place to go for a quick getaway. Just a 6-hour bus ride from Manila and you’re good to go. There are also things we have discovered while we were in the city.

1. Foods and Beverages are cheap!  You can buy a sumptuous meal in a fancy restaurant for only 200 bucks.
2. Cab fares are cheap also. Fixed rate is only P35.00.
3. Unpredictable weather. The coldness wasn’t bearable for us, well at least for people who are used in living with tropical weather. Too cold at night until early in the morning. It was foggy in the afternoon but you can still feel the heat of the sun. I can compare its weather to Hong Kong during the afternoon. Still, prepare to bring a lot of thick clothes.
4. Locals are very accommodating. They are also very accurate in giving directions. They will give you directions in meters!
Also known as the City of Pines, Baguio offers picturesque views which would leave everyone in awe.
camp john hay
The view from Camp John Hay
strawberry taho
Strawberry taho
Picture with this horse. Unlimited shots for only P20.00. If you’re into horseback riding, you can also rent a horse for an hour for only P200.00
Wearing an Igorot costume (natives of Baguio) with unlimited shots for only P20.00
Wearing an Igorot costume (Igorot is reffered as the natives of Baguio) with unlimited shots for only P20.00
This trip will never be forgotten. Definitely one for the books. I promise to work hard and save a lot so that I can travel more and more and more. A good motivation to be hardworking right? Hehe!
I hope you enjoyed my mini Baguio series. Will definitely post more blogs about my trips and thoughts. Let’s all travel the world! 🙂

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