Restos to visit when in Baguio

Still part of my ”Exploring Baguio series”. I highly recommend the city as the perfect place to go for a quick getaway and I hope you don’t mind if I’m flooding posts about our recent trip. I still have one more entry. Haha 🙂

We had a hard time reaching this restaurant. From Burnham Park, we walked going to La Azotea building, where the said restaurant was located. One thing we noticed about the locals was that they would give you accurate directions, so accurate that sometimes we couldn’t understand. Like for example, we asked a local how far we were from La Azotea and he answered, “about 300 meters”. We couldn’t help but sigh because on the first note, we don’t have any idea how near or how far 300 meters was!
Then we saw the building.. and the building seems so.. old and quite not appealing. I was losing  hope and even thought that the restaurant is just so-so but upon reaching our destination—wow I was wrong.. so wrong.
We were very amused by the way the restaurant was built. It’s like we were on a treehouse. Literally, it looks like a huge treehouse.
Photo grabbed from Google
Photo grabbed from their Facebook page (
Gulay is a tagalog (Philippines’ main language) term for “vegetables” so you must expect that everything served there is made with vegetables and are organic.
We tried their specialties; Anak ng Putenesca and Pasta Mestizo which only costs P130.00. Queeya also tried Eggplant Permiagiana which costs P135.00. They were all delicious and doesn’t tastes organic at all. But still it is and is very healthy. I also recommend their Hot Chocolate which only costs P75.00. It has an authentic taste and a very strong aroma of local chocolate. Perfect for the cold and foggy weather.
Oh My Gulay
5F La Azotea Building, Session Road
We reached this place by accident. We were supposed to go to an art bar that night but couldn’t locate the place so we decided to stay at Bonfire instead.
Grabbed from their Facebook page
Grabbed from their Facebook page (
The concept of the place is to make you feel that you’re having a camping with your friends and setting up a bonfire. And that was what we have felt. The place is perfect to cap a very long day and there we had a one on one drinking session.
We were amazed on how the price of their foods and beverages are a half lesser than we have in Manila. We spent only P350.00 for a bucket of beer (that’s six bottles of beers) and a pizza good for 2.
Upper General Luna, Baguio City
We were looking for a place to eat for lunch during our second day. Since we were already running out of budget, our plan was to just eat on a fastfood or whatever. But then we saw this place and again, we were in awe.
Melt is located in Ayala Techonohub at Camp John Hay. The place looked so fancy but then the menu was so cheap. I ordered Lechon Cubano for only P180.00. This dish consist of deep fried pork belly with laing and coated with aligue or crab fat.
Lechong Cubano for only P180.00
Lechong Cubano for only P180.00
Me and Queeya after enjoying our meal
Queeya, on the other hand, ordered for Sisig na bulaklak (explanation of sisig) with chicharong bulaklak (explain) which also has the same price as mine. Imagine having a fancy and sumptuous meal for less than 200 hundred bucks. That’s too awesome and very budget friendly.
Ayala Technohub, Camp John Hay
So there you have it, the restaurants we have tried in Baguio. If ever you’ll plan a trip in the city, I hope you visit the places I recommended because I assure you, you will not be disappointed. You will also be amazed on how these foods, which seem to be very delicious, did not cost too much. Happy eating!

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