I left my heart in Bora

Now that it’s already summer in the Philippines, I can’t help but to reminisce my last trip to the beach. The heat is driving me crazy!
Last November, I went to Boracay with some of my former officemates. Boracay is a famous attraction in our country, mainly because of its crystal clear water and white sand. We stayed in the island for three days and two nights.

One of my favorite beach activities is snorkeling and I was glad we were able to do it when we were in the island.
On our last day we went to a virgin island called Puka Beach. Just a 20 minute motor ride from Boracay. We enjoyed it more than Bora because the island was already crowded during that time. Puka Beach, on the other hand, has no establishments. It was not also crowded. The waves were perfect for surfing.. or not. Well, I tried playing with the waves but it seemed like I was having a wrestling match with someone. Haha it’s too strong!
Just a tip if you’re going to Boracay: If you’re someone who values quality time at the beach and a little more privacy, try to avoid peak months. The island was already crowded when we went there last November. Cant imagine how crowded it is during summer. But if you don’t mind the crowd, then this wouldn’t be a big deal for you.
Enjoy your summer!

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