Be body positive: #ImNoAngel campaign

“Your size does not define your beauty.”
This is a mantra I’ve been living for almost 2 years now. I never experienced being thin and I grew up having a lot of insecurities before I came to the conclusion that I should not be bothered about my weight. True enough, it is appealing to be the world’s definition of “sexy” but just because you don’t have a flat tummy, nice boobs or a stunner ass does not mean you don’t have the right to be called as “beautiful” or “sexy”.

I was browsing  the internet and stumbled upon an article about Lane Bryant’s “#ImNoAngel” campaign. This is a very brilliant campaign not only to market a certain product but also for women to be more confident of themselves. I’ve done my research and I discovered that there are already a lot of body positive campaigns around the world—“#DropThePlus” and “EffYourBeautyStandards” are just a few. Here in the Philippines, my favorite blog “The Plump Pinay” continues to inspire Filipinas to love their body regardless of their size.



(The #ImNoAngel campaign. All photos were grabbed from Google)
As we all know, majority of women nowadays are blinded by society’s definition of beauty and sexy. It’s just sad to know that some even get depressed because of the body they have. I should know, I was one of them too. Accepting myself was not an easy task. I tried a lot of healthy and unhealthy diets just to keep up with the world’s so-called “beauty standards”. I can say body positive campaigns, blogs and advocates have helped me get through that stage of my life.
Whenever I see pictures of plus size women (models and ordinary people) posting pictures on their Facebook and Instagram accounts and how confident they are with themselves, I can’t help not to be proud of them too. I know it also took them quite some time to fully accept their God-given body. For me, confidence and character is what truly makes a woman beautiful and sexy.
I am not saying you have to let go of yourself, though. Being body positive is not just about accepting your body—you also need to love and take care of that body. Be healthy, have some exercise, enjoy the world. I am not against diet, as long as it is healthy. If for an instance you are on a diet and you still feel fat, don’t get depressed. Instead, be proud! Why? Simply because you worked hard to get that body.
Here’s the link of their campaign ad. I find all the models beautiful! Ashely Graham is now my new girl crush ❤
I hope this campaign will help a lot of women to love themselves even more. Flaunt your curves, sexy! 🙂

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