First of summer: San Narciso, Zambales

I was looking forward of hitting the beach ever since summer began. Finally, I got to play with the waves again last weekend with friends and new found friends. The plan was to go to Zambales to attend Summer Siren, a famous beach music festival in the Philippines. I’ve never been to Zambales before but based on what I’ve heard– the province is renowned for its beaches with waves good for surfing.

Summer Siren was held in Crystal Beach Resort but we opted to stay at Trinidad beach resort which is just near the area. Room accommodation was cheap. We rented 2 rooms good for 3-4 pax each. Each room had a cottage set-up which consists of a double-deck bed, with aircon and TV. We rented it for P2,500 per night. Since we were three girls sharing the other room– we spent approximately P 835.00 each.
(Note: There’s also rooms with no aircon and tents for cheaper options.)
The resort got everything you need from food, toiletries, drinks, alcoholic drinks and a whole lot more. They also offer “lutong bahay” or home-cooked meals for a very affordable price.
What I love about San Narciso beach is that there’s no low tide!! Therefore, you can play with the waves whenever you feel like doing it. It is indeed perfect for surfing. Some resorts also offer wind surfing. sand1 sand3 sand4 sand5
We chilled by the beach on our last day. We drank beer, ate chips, played reggae and upbeat songs, danced a bit, laughed a little longer and took a lot of pictures. One of the best weekends ever! Even though there was an event and is a peak season, I don’t find the place crowded. Expenses were also cheap. We only spent P1,500 for room accommodation, overflowing food and drinks and other necessities.
We went there via car but if you’re going to commute Zambales from Manila, you can take Victory Liner bus either in Pasay, Cubao or Caloocan with estimated fare of P300.00- P450.00. The bus will stop at San Narciso city hall and from there you must ride a tricycle going to the beach resorts. I’m not quite sure with the directions though (I’m so bad at directions!) so if you have any easier route, the better 🙂

4 thoughts on “First of summer: San Narciso, Zambales

    1. Hi Jon! Thank you but I think your photos are better hehe. I grabbed my friends’ photos for this article. Majority of our photos were from camera phone. Some were from GoPro. Already followed your blog. Thanks again! xx 🙂

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