The Ocean Park Adventure

Still part of my throwback Hong Kong trip– I always enjoy going to amusement parks. In the Philippines, we have Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna and Star City in Pasay, Manila wherein rides are truly enjoyable.

Hong Kong has their own version of amusement parks, too. One of those is the renowned Ocean Park Hong Kong. The place is also a mammal park, oceanarium and an animal theme park. I used to hear stories about Ocean Park through my mother when I was young. She used to tell me how amused she was to see a giant aquarium filled with huge array of fish. I told myself I’m going to be there someday. And then I did and I was filled with delight!
382123_1627475384912_2132662104_n 319123_1627338901500_238950703_n 388533_318446741501984_2140631783_n 386425_318446814835310_703497019_n 384885_318445858168739_2145694820_n 382683_318452981501360_994669217_n

I love riding strenuous rides but it always scares me. “The Flash”, however is a different story. The flash is a ride that rotates at full 360 degrees. 360 DEGREES!!!! My initial reaction was NO. I can do Space Shuttle or a roller coaster but this was something I don’t want to try. But then my friends were too adventurous lol talk about peer pressure. To make the story short, I still tried the said ride. I don’t know if I can still try it the next time I’ll be there. 378646_318450664834925_1041783825_n 384567_318452044834787_779179706_n 388936_329026513779753_6284619_n
Taken from Google
The Flash
Photo taken from Google
I only opened my eyes once all throughout the ride. When I did, I saw the entire Hong Kong island. I closed my eyes again.. 380533_318460771500581_991834937_n 375471_329026583779746_128463295_n 389085_318451878168137_1828227586_n
When you’re in Hong Kong– never ever forget to try their famous attraction– cable cars!! That was the first thing on my mind since the day we stepped in to the country. It wasn’t scary at all and the view was too perfect! 375258_1627452184332_358879918_n 376369_318463284833663_1141862550_n 307280_318463064833685_297773859_n 388881_318462708167054_1414542054_n 1935462_318451041501554_823045219_n It’s obvious that I can’t forget this trip. It’s been four years since I’ve been there but look at me now– still blogging about it. Can’t wait for my next trip this month. But for now, I hope you guys enjoy my throwback travel series 🙂

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