Travelling in 3K or less!

In travelling, quality over quantity works most of the time. Believe it or not, whenever I travel with my roommate or some friends—my budget would only be just P3,000 (without airfare). Nothing more, nothing less. Despite of that limited budget, we still get to go to many places, eat a lot of food (I mean it when I say a lot) and still have savings afterwards. How did I do that? It’s pretty simple actually, and I have to thank the internet for that.

Here are some travel hacks I’ve learned personally and some I’ve read over the internet:
It’s a number one rule for travelers to research about your target destination. Familiarize yourself with the place by looking at pictures over the internet and other reading materials. Ask friends or relatives who have been there and if you don’t know any, look for reviews of the place. It’s also important to know everything you can about your destination—the demographics, climate, food, basic language, transportation and even the clothes that they are wearing.
Before booking a flight or whatever, you must first set a budget on your travel. One thing I’ve learned about traveling is that when you have a target budget—everything becomes easier to plan. Always remember to stick to that budget, of course.
3. GO DIY!
Though I love tour packages for it makes our life easier and hassle free, most of the time, a do it yourself itinerary is less cheaper and more convenient. One advantage of making your own itinerary is that you can choose on where to go and what time you want to go. It’s a lot cheaper because some places don’t really cost that much and transportation is usually cheap. One example was when we went to Baguio. I was the one who made the itinerary for that trip. Considering our goal to be artsy that time, I looked for restaurants and places with cheap fees and were suited on our theme (You can check my Exploring Baguio series blogs for that). We tried our very best not to ride a cab but we still did at one point. Good thing cab fares were cheap. Maximize the days of your stay and be realistic with your itinerary. If you can also set a budget for each target place before actually starting the trip, the better.
Consider looking for tour packages too and compare its cost on your DIY itinerary. If you would still prefer tour packages, local tourist guides provide a cheaper price.
Save the luxury of hotels for your staycation trips. Traveling doesn’t need an extravagant hotel, especially if you’re on a budget. Look for inns/appartelles or hostels with cheaper price but would still make you feel comfortable. The things that would only matter here are the bed and the washroom. Or if by any chance, you know someone who lives near the area, you can ask from them too.
Walk around the place, ride their public transportation, eat at ordinary canteens or restaurants, talk to the people. This would make your trip cheaper because you are doing what the locals are normally doing which I believe—doesn’t need a huge amount of money. In addition, you will also have the privilege of learning not only about your destination but also about the culture and character of its people.
With trips with airfares, you must be particular on booking flights. It’s important to book months before the actual trip to avail cheaper price. Visit airline websites too for promos and avoid peak seasons.
Budget travelling isn’t really hard, even a person who spends a lot of money on unnecessary things can do it (ehem!). I hope you learned something from me. Hopefully, you can use these travel hacks on your future trips! Bon Voyage!

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