Food coma at “Gayuma ni Maria”

Stayed in Manila over the weekend and explored Maginhawa Street in Quezon City. The place was intriguing because as what I’ve read on the internet, Maginhawa is filled with lots of good and unique restaurants. So last Saturday, after having coffee with my roommate Queeya, we called her high school buddy Inoj and off we went on a food adventure.
We ate dinner at “Gayuma ni Maria”. The restaurant is already in Sikatuna but still near Maginhawa Street. “Gayuma” in Filipino means “potion” or “love potion” which was said to be used if you want to attract a certain person. That is actually the whole concept of the restaurant because the place gave us a mysterious ambiance and the chills. Well, literally the chills because it started raining when were in the place.


Me and Queeya have this thing on restaurants with unique interiors and just our luck, “Gayuma ni Maria” has an awesome design! The interior is a combination of mystery and bohemian—with the domination of pastel colors and floral. It also has a place outside for smokers with soft couches and magazines.



Now comes the menu part…


I must say that their menu is amusing and catchy! Queeya, Inoj and I enjoyed a hearty laugh while choosing our order. Queeya and I ordered a Commitment (Main dish) simply because we have issues with commitment. LOL hahaha #HUGOT
The price is okay—not cheap but not too expensive. And the food—oh the food is so sumptuous! I tried “Rock Me Baby” while Queeya ordered “Nilasing ni Eba si Adan”


Nilasing ni Eba si Adan for only P275.00. This dish is one of the restaurant’s specialty. It consists of mashed potato topped with roasted pork belly in herbs and apple with caramel sauce. It tasted like boneless lechon and the pork skin was crunchy.
rockRock me Baby for P265.00. BBQ pork ribs served with house-secret macaroni salad. I’m not a fan of macaroni salad but their version was sweet and I liked it. Pork ribs are quite messy to eat but this one’s different because the meat was soft and tasty!
We tried our very best not to order rice but—- oh forget it! We deserve to eat rice after all lol. Food trips are indeed, bad for our diet but we don’t care. 😀 Will definitely try their pastries and drinks next time!
Gayuma ni Maria
Sikatuna Village, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
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