DIY Itinerary: 2D1N Baguio trip for P3000

I miss travelling! Schedule’s pretty hectic and we’re migrating to Canada next month so a lot of things must be done. This made me sacrifice my upcoming trips but hopefully, my roommate and I can still pursue our Pinatubo trip before finally migrating.

Okay so enough with my life update lol. Since I created this blog, I made a vow to myself that I’m going to share posts that would encourage readers to travel on a low budget. Travelling doesn’t really need a lot of money. If you have read my “Exploring Baguio Series” blog posts, I’ve mentioned that me and my roommate went there with a minimal budget. To be exact, we only spent P3000++ or $70++ for an overnight stay in Baguio; inclusive of transportation, food, and lodge. We made our own itinerary and have been to 12 tourist attractions in the city.
I would like to show you the exact itinerary  we have made which includes the mode of transportation we took and its corresponding price.
Click to enlarge photo
(Note: I just made this chart for the blog. Haha. The original itinerary was only written on a piece of paper and is quite messy)
The following are the places we’ve been to during our overnight stay in Baguio:
A. Cafe by the Ruins
B. Burnham Park
C. BenCab Museum
D. Oh My Gulay
E. Bonfire
F. Camp John Hay
G. Baguio Botanical Garden
H. The Mansion
I. Wright Park
J. Mines View Park
K. Ketchup Community
L. Baguio Cathedral
Transportation expenses were highlighted in yellow. Before starting the trip, my roommate and I vowed not to take a cab as much as possible. But if you’ll notice the chart; we took a cab thrice. This was because:
1. There’s no public transportation going to Asin Rd. where BenCab Museum is located.
2. We got too tired of walking (lol sorry not sorry for being quite lazy)
3. We were looking for a place to stay. This was unplanned though because we were supposed to go back to Manila the same day we went there. This isn’t advisable  but our original plan was to be as spontaneous as we can and just explore Baguio for one day. It was more of a challenge to ourselves– a challenge we haven’t completed haha
Food expenses were highlighted in blue.The price range depends on what you are going to order. Cafe by the Ruins is quite expensive but it’s worth the try. But if you’re more into discovering places in Baguio than trying local restaurants; you can  eat at fast food chains or cheaper restaurants for lesser cost.
Some destinations are just near to each other so it’s better to walk instead of riding public transportation.
All in all– we spent P3,163.50 each excluding the delicacies we bought for our friends. Delicacies, on the other hand, were so cheap. You can buy 3 delicacies in a medium container or 6 delicacies in a small container for only P100.00.
I hope this would help you especially if you’re planning to go to Baguio. I will always recommend doing your own itinerary than looking for packages because it’s really time and budget friendly.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment below 🙂

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