Coffee, food and books overload at Cool Beans Library Cafe

Cool Beans is the first library café in the Philippines. It was already featured on several TV Shows in the country. Funny how I discovered the said cafe. They once liked my photo on Instagram and got curious about it.  I visited their account and having discovered that the restaurant has everything I love, I immediately set a date with my food buddies to pay the place a visit.


The place isn’t that spacious, but what caught my attention was their accent wall. I’m fond of accent walls and I must admit they did an awesome job in doing the interior. Of course, the enormous shelf was also captivating. I was excited to see the books displayed on the shelf.
Photo from
Photo from
The accent wall (Photo from
The accent wall (Photo from
One thing that I love about the place was the variety of their books! I was so happy to see biography books about Queen Elizabeth, Adolf Hitler, Kate Moss and the World War 1. There are also books by Haruki Murakami and one of my target books to read: Angela’s Ashes. Too bad, I can’t read nor borrow them all. But at least I can browse them!
My roommate looking books
My roommate looking for a book to read
Here comes the food part. The price is okay. They have pastries, pastas, milkshakes and coffee. I ordered Creamy bacon mushroom pasta for P165.00 and Benguet Roast for P80.00. This I have to tell you, Benguet Roast was the best coffee I’ve ever tasted!! My roommate said it was too sweet but I loved it! I love how authentic their coffees are. Aside from Benguet Roast, they have other Highland Coffees to choose from such as the Kalinga Roast and the Sagada Roast. All for only  P80.00. You can order their coffee either hot or with ice.  As for the pasta, it had lots of bacon and mushroom with garlic bread on the side. They got a huge serving too! We also tried their Double Chocolate Muffin for only P75.00.
Creamy bacon mushroom pasta, Benguet Roast and a book by Haruki Murakami
Photo from their Facebook page
Photo from their Facebook page
Cool Beans is indeed a wonderful experience.  Since the place is renowned in Maginhawa, lots of people are going there. Therefore I can’t suggest this place as a perfect venue for me time, but a venue for friends who shares the same passion for books and food.
For more information about the first library cafe in the Philippines, you can visit them on Facebook; and on Instagram @coolbeansph
Cool Beans
Diliman 67-A Maginhawa St., U.P. Village,
Diliman, Quezon City

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