My favorite coffee shops in Manila

I splurge a lot on coffee and I love discovering new coffee shops after work. My idea of a good coffee shop is something that has  1.) A nice interior 2.) A peaceful ambiance;  and the most important of all 3.) Good quality of coffee and pastries. With that being said, today I am to share with you my 5 Favorite Coffee Shops in Manila (aside from Starbucks and Coffee Bean)

1. Toby’s Estate
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Peanut butter belgian waffle with whip cream


The aroma of the coffee will welcome you as you enter the place. I also love the industrial interior of the shop; white walls, long communal tables, round shaped lampshade. They also have magazines about travelling, interior design and poems. As for the coffee, oh I highly recommend the Mocha! It’s not too sweet or too bitter. I’ve read that the reason why it is so delicious is because they use chocolates from Ghana. The coffee is best paired with a Belgian waffle. The food is quite pricey but so worth it!

2. Highlands Coffee

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Cafe Sua Nong (Photo courtesy of
Cafe Sua Nong (Photo courtesy of
They used to have a branch here in Ortigas (which is just across our building). Interior is very classy, sophisticated and professional. Wooden chairs and tables are everywhere. What I love about Highlands Coffee is their Café Sua Nong. I think it’s an authentic Vietnamese coffee which means coffee with condensed milk. Some find Café Sua Nong strong for them but not for me. I also love how the staff taught me how to prepare my own Café Sua Nong before. Their pastries are good also. The pasta is quite pricey so I usually opt to buy brownies instead.
3. Mr. Park’s Bread and Cakes
Cafe Macchiato with Tina Fey's Bossypants
Cafe Macchiato with Tina Fey’s Bossypants
Cafe Mocha topped with whip cream
This is where I usually go after work. In fact, the staff and even the owner already know what I’m going to order lol. They are so accommodating. The place is a Korean pastry stop which specializes on breads and cakes (well, according to the name itself). I never thought they have coffee until I discovered their version of Café Mocha and I loved it. Unlike other coffee shops, their Café Mocha is topped with whipped cream which made it more thick and creamy. The cup is big too! My other option is their Café Americano (whenever I am too sleepy) and Café Macchiato. Not a fan of their pastries though.
4. UCC Cafe
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Photo courtesy of
I love how they made me love blended coffees! This is the place I would really go whenever I’m in Burgos Circle/Fort Area. Nothing special with the interior but the equipments they use to improve the taste of their coffee always puts me in awe. They have huge servings on food too. I personally love their lava cake and brownies.
5. Bo’s Coffee
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Photo courtesy of
Bo’s Coffee’s interior is very Filipino and cozy. Their Frappuccino is so good and I can actually taste the chocolate chips. I haven’t tried any of their pastries but I would love too!
If you’re a coffee aficionado like me, I highly suggest you to visit the coffee shops I’ve listed here. I guarantee that you’ll love them all.
Would like to know your favorite coffee shops as well. Feel free to comment below and share with me your coffee experience.

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