DIY Antipolo trip: 5 destinations for P1000

Hi guys.  On my last two posts, I’ve shared some of the scenic spots we discovered in Antipolo. Now, I would like to share the itinerary we made for this trip.

Since we were supposed to go somewhere else, the itinerary was made on the spot. To be specific, we did the research and everything a few hours before the actual trip. Before making our final itinerary, we did consider our budget and our time frame. We planned to explore the province for a day with only P1000. Fortunately, we have been able to achieve this goal. See below actual itinerary:
Click to enlarge photo
Points to consider:
1. Antipolo Cathedral is a famous church in the province and a must visit especially if you are going abroad. Perfect destination for me. Just be mindful of the vendors outside the church who will force you to buy their stuff.
2. Your Antipolo trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting Hinulugang Taktak because this is what the province is known of.
3. My Pot Restaurant offers buffet lunch for only P125!! The food was delicious too. Not sure though if they also have buffet dinner. Go there earlier to avoid the crowd.
4. Padis Point in Sumulong Highway is different from the Padis Point that we have in Manila. It gives an overlooking view of Manila skyline. They also serve coffee, to my surprise!
And now for the accounting shiz– the table below includes the list of expenses and the mode of transportation we took going in and out of the province:
Click to enlarge the photo
Click to enlarge the photo
1. Mode of transportation were highlighted in yellow. We took a tricycle most of the time because of convenience. Actual fare were divided into two (since I went there with my friend).
2. Food expenses were highlighted in blue. Remember that the list of expenses would depend on where you eat and what you order. Well, obviously hehe
So in conclusion. we went to five destinations in one day for only P1,053. Not bad! I guess we could have spend less if we.. haven’t ordered that much in Pinto Cafe lol. But the P400 already includes a cake, fruit shake and a glass of white wine so I guess that’s fair enough.
I also think we could have spend less on our transpo expenses. If there’s a way you can ride a jeep instead of a tricycle then that would be better. But I’m satisfied with the trip and the expenses. Besides, nothing beats the awesome feeling of wandering and discovering new places by yourselves.
What do you think of this itinerary? I would like to know your thoughts! Feel free to comment below your comments and suggestions. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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