Heritage Festival 2015

I love going to festivals! When I was still in the Philippines, I was fortunate to witness some of the biggest music festivals in the country (thanks to my friends). I’ve heard that Edmonton holds a lot of festivals too but I am also aware that it does not include raving and all the party stuff. Just this weekend—I had an opportunity to attend one of their renowned festivals with my family. The event is called the Heritage Festival, which I think, is a three-day gathering.

The said festival showcased Canada’s vibrant multicultural heritage where over 85 countries all over the world has given a glimpse of their delicacies, tradition, arts and crafts and even their clothing. It got my curiosity because I am very much into geography and travelling. I love learning different cultures and it always excites me to discover something new.


We first visited the Philippines pavilion. Well, of course, the said pavilion was a priority.
Our pavilion displayed Pansit, Chicken Adobo, Barbecue, turon and other kakanin. I was a bit disappointed with the menu. There are lots of delicious Filipino dishes that they can offer aside from that. They can offer Lechon, Kare Kare, Bulalo or whatever. But I guess they also have to consider the budget or I don’t know. I just hope they would improve the dishes in the coming years.
Pansit and Chicken Adobo with rice were also loved by the foreigners
Pork Barbecue!!
After visiting the Philippines pavilion, we tasted the famous Elephant ears or Croatian donut at the Croatia pavilion. We also watched their traditional dance. The performance looks like the dance number of Rose and Jack in Titanic. It was awesome and their costumes were beautiful.
Croatian donut, also known as “Elephant ears”
Traditional Croatian dance
We went to other pavilions like Guatemala, Thailand, Malaysia, Sudan, Peru and Saudi Arabia.
Traditional Arabian dance, mostly performed during Arabian weddings
Sudan pavilion
Peru pavilion
Lake inside the venue was mesmerizing
The Heritage Festival was a fun learning experience. It made me realize that there are lots of foreigners migrating to Edmonton and to Canada in general. It’s also great to know that Canada gives us acknowledgment and welcome us with open arms. I will surely go back next year! 🙂
PS Sorry for the low quality photos! Just took it using our tab. Lol. If you have any photos and stories about the Heritage Festival, please do share it with me 🙂 Thanks in advance! 🙂

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