My new sanctuary: The Tea Place

I value “me time” so much and coffee/tea shops are my sanctuary. I don’t mind hanging out in a crowded cafe too, as long as I have my phone, a good playlist, a book or an internet connection. To my delight, I found a new hang-out place here in Edmonton sooner than expected.


I was walking around Callingwood Marketplace when I saw this shop called The Tea Place. Desperate for an internet connection, I went inside and I guess I made the right decision because I actually loved it there.
I first notice its interior. You know I have a thing with restaurant interiors, right? Hehe. The place has green walls and is surrounded by different kinds of tea pots and tea cups.



It took me a while to order something because the tea pots put me in awe. Staffs are friendly too. Well, Canadians are naturally friendly. They would always greet you with a smile and would always ask how your day went.
When it comes to their food, I highly recommend the New York Caramel Pecan cheesecake. The caramel made the cake more delicious and if I am not just budget conscious, I would order two and would eat them all in just one sitting haha. The cheesecake costs 4$ which I think is not bad.


The Tea Place is famous for their tea but they serve coffee as well. I tried the Iced Cappuccino once and it tasted okay. Actually, there’s nothing special about it. What I do recommend is their Mocchaccino. Medium size cost 3.50$.
I also discovered a few tea flavors too. Lots of flavors to choose from! I would recommend the Kyoto Cherry Rose and Green Tea Peach which both costs 3.50$. Aside from their coffee and tea, they also serve Panini and other pastries. The Tea Place would just be perfect for your me time since it’s not crowded. Plus, they really have good internet connection 🙂
Huge array of tea flavors will welcome you
Huge array of tea flavors will welcome you
If you would like to know more about The Tea Place, you can visit their Facebook page; 🙂
(Disclaimer: Photos are from The Tea Place’s Facebook page)
The Tea Place – West
The Market Place at Callingwood
6655 178 Street #422
Edmonton, Alberta T5T 4J5

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