OOTD: Black and White

If you have read some of my OOTD posts, you know by now that I am very much into dresses and skirts. Friends often say that I am too girly when it comes to fashion but I don’t really mind. I wear dresses almost everyday when I was still working and if there is an occasion.
Last weekend, we went to our relatives house in Parkland and decided to dress up. I wore a leather skirt, which was also one of my latest purchase, and paired it with a sheer blouse and a pair of wedge. Leather skirts aren’t ideal for summer but summer here is too cold so I wore it anyway lol. By the way, I bought the skirt in a shop named Urban Behavior for only 15$. My cousin told me it was a good deal which I have to agree because I’ve seen the same skirt in H&M and it cost 59$. Of course, I wouldn’t convert it into Philippine Peso anymore cause I know I would just freak out. Haha




Now I have to do some research of the outfits Canadians usually wear during fall because the summer season is ending soon. It’s getting way too cold here as well. Will keep you posted 🙂

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