Solo travel diaries: Art and Design District and Nuit Blanche

Last weekend, I got the chance to see the beautiful city of Toronto. The trip was very special to me because of so many things. First, this was a treat for myself lol. My friends know how tired I’ve been these past few weeks because of my messed up schedule at work and in school. So I guess, I just needed a breather. Also, this was my first solo trip. I was supposed to watch a concert of my favourite indie band but I ran out of tickets. Third, I visited a relative there and fourth, I just really wanna travel! Toronto is indeed far from Edmonton. Haha I get it but a four hour plane ride won’t hurt! #hugot

Sea of clouds. YEG-YYZ
Sea of clouds. YEG-YYZ
After we landed, I immediately went to the apartment I rented through Airbnb which was located at Queen St. West, also called as the Art and Design District. The place was very cheap and very artsy! I love it.
This wall frame is so rad!
The owner's cat, Tigger.
The owner’s cat, Tigger.
Just my luck, it was also a great weekend in the city as they were celebrating Nuit Blanche. It’s a night event from 7PM-7AM wherein art exhibits are all over the city. So I was at the hippest part of Toronto and art exhibits were everywhere. Can you imagine how stoked I was during that time? So basically, I spent my first night in Toronto, art gallery hopping and walking around the city.



At Twist Gallery
At Twist Gallery
Sipping some Pinot Noir while looking at the paintings


Live art I saw while walking around the district
Live art I saw while walking around the district
Avant garde exhibit



Oh Marilyn
Oh Marilyn


I was looking for a restaurant open at 1AM. Haha very Filipina! But all I saw were drunk kids so I went to Tim Hortons instead. I wanted to go clubbing as well but I just can’t do “me time” in a club. Haha I need friends! The entrance to all galleries were free so I didn’t spent a lot except for my food. Can’t wait to share with you my second and third day in the city!

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