Solo Travel Diaries: Toronto Downtown

Toronto is crazy beautiful! Lucky for me, I have a cousin back there. Kuya Ian (“Kuya” is a term we Filipinos use in order to acknowledge an older guy or an older brother), showed me around Downtown on my second day.

After having a Korean buffet lunch, Kuya Ian and I went to Canada’s version of NY Times Square. The square is a public open place used for various events. There was an event going on by the time we were there but I guess the main event happened on my first day, which is the Poutine Festival. There were also people who were giving free movie passes.
Panorama shot.
Next we went to Eaton Centre. I don’t have photos of the place since I was so busy– shopping!!! Haha I can’t believe how supportive Kuya Ian was. I already told him I don’t want to shop but he still convinced me. The gullible me strikes again and off we went to Forever 21.
I was in awe! If only you would be able to see the city halls in the Philippines, I swear you would also be stunned. The city hall has a nice architecture; if I’m not mistaken, it’s somehow a Victorian vintage whatever that gave me some European feels, too perfect for my outfit haha. We also went to the famous Toronto sign. It seems like an ordinary sign but it is very special to Torontonians since they just had it two months ago during the Pan-Am.







Then we went to Harborfront to see a perfect view of the CN Tower and the sea. The sea was too perfect! So perfect that I treated my cousin some Timmy’s. Lol



Forever 21 baby. Top, leggings and hat were all from F21. Bag from Charles and Keith. Boots from my Aunt.
“And that is what Toronto’s all about”, said my cousin. He was so amazed on how brave I was, considering the fact that this country is still new to me. I, on the other hand, was so flattered. Maybe I am just the kind of person who would rather fail than waste my time. I mean if I want something, I do everything I can to do it and lame reasons just don’t have an impact to me. This solo trip is one of my ways to discover my self and to tolerate my love for travelling and geography which I think is very liberating. I loved every second of it!

7 thoughts on “Solo Travel Diaries: Toronto Downtown

      1. No I’m from Scotland but I was in Canada all summer. I’m going to go back after Christmas 🙂 that’s awesome, do you like living in Canada? I bet it’s getting cold now!


      2. Where in Canada? Well it’s actually nice here but the weather sucks bigtime! Lol. It is getting cold, in fact it’s already winter in our province. Some provinces still get to enjoy fall though 🙂


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