OOTD: Ways on how to wear a plaid skirt

One of my recent fashion purchase is a red plaid skirt, which I bought at Forever 21. I fell in love upon seeing the skirt and I just know I have to buy it. Also, plaid skirt isn’t really a fashion trend; it seems like more of a fashion staple. Meaning, it never gets old. For a budget-conscious girl who loves dressing up, a plaid skirt is a good investment. It is just so easy to mix and match! Sharing with you today two of my outfits wearing the said skirt.

1. Plaid skirt x Leather x Scarf



I always wanted to become a rockstar. So everytime I wear something leather, I feel so close to that dream lol. The leather jacket gives an edgy vibe but the skirt and the scarf still made the whole outfit chic. On the other hand, I got the scarf from the Dollar Store. If I am not mistaken, it only cost two bucks. Haha I just can’t resist cheap things like that!
2. Plaid skirt x Sweatshirt


This outfit is just appropriate if you want a sporty yet girly vibe. This is also a good outfit when you’re feeling lazy cause its too comfortable and cozy to wear. Paired it with ugg boots but sneakers would also be perfect.
Hope you like it! 🙂

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