DIY Itinerary: 4D3N Toronto Trip for $1200

Travelling from Edmonton to Toronto was a solo trip I planned two months ago. The main reason was to watch my favourite band, CHVRCHES, perform live but then I ran out of tickets. Even if I haven’t watch the concert, I still don’t have any regrets of going to Toronto because it was an experience of a lifetime. I’m off to share the itinerary I made for my 4 days 3 nights stay in the city. I only spent $1200++ inclusive of airfare, accommodation and other expenses. My notes are messy lol so I would just make a table for this 🙂

First off, I listed the expense I paid before the actual trip. I spent higher than expected because I opted to go to a Travel Agency and I booked the flight a week before the trip. If you want to pay for a lower rate, I suggest you book it online using your credit card (I don’t have a credit card and I’m not thinking of having any at the moment cause I know myself lol) or go directly to the airport (that’s what they said when I called them for inquiry hehe)
Now here’s my favourite part, the accommodation! I was looking for a place to stay and I know then that I couldn’t afford to book for a hotel. I was looking for cheaper motels or inns (I’m not really picky! I just needed a place to stay) but they’re still too expensive. Then I installed the Airbnb app and found a place in Queen St W and totally fell in love with the pictures of the apartment. Queen St W is also called as the Art and Design District where all the artsy stuff can be found (as the name implies). In addition, it’s only $50 per night so I grabbed it.
The apartment was owned by a Korean girl named Joanne. You can view the pictures  of the apartment on this link:


For Day 1, I was lucky to witnessed Nuit Blanche. It’s an all night event which started from 7PM to 7AM. It’s a celebration of the arts around downtown and since we’re near downtown and I was staying at the Art District, art exhibits can be found everywhere! They were all free of charge and some offer food and wine so I never got hungry. I spent the entire night , gallery hopping and sightseeing. My coffee of course is a necessity. LOL. I suggest that if you’re planning a trip to Toronto, search for the dates when they will be having lots of events. It would be more convenient and cheaper as you’ll find lots of great deals around the area.
Day 2. Food expenses were all paid by my cousin (Yayy thanks Kuya Ian) and there are a lot of things to see which doesn’t require money. The only reason I spent $50 that day was because I shopped lol.
Day 3. Little Portugal and Little Italy was free because I just went sightseeing. I shopped for a bit at Little China cause there are so many discounts. I got 4 sweatshirts for only $20. I allotted $50 at Kensington Market cause there were lots of thrift shops and I love thrift shops! Your eyes will never get tired of the view because everywhere you go has anything artsy, graffiti or eclectic stuff. Streetcar is only $3 but I got lost upon going home so I took a streetcar for $3 and a cab for $10.
In conclusion I spent $352 for my 4D and 3N and my overall expense was $1288. I’m happy with the expense cause my original budget was $1500. But I do think I can still make it cheaper if:
  1. I booked a flight weeks or months earlier.
  2. Booked the flight directly.
  3. Avoid taking a cab. There’s a subway which only cost $3.
If you’re planning a trip to Toronto, you can also try going to the CN tower which will give you an aerial view of the city. I think the tour is about $30. You can also go to the Royal Ontario Museum which has a GenAd of $17 and a trip to Niagara Falls. I found a tour online which is about a hundred bucks but you can go there on your own to make it cheaper (downside is that would be more time consuming).
I hope you’ll find this itinerary useful! Let me know your thoughts by posting a comment below. 🙂 Thanks!

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