The Art Gallery of Alberta

Last week, I was able to go at the Art Gallery of Alberta with my boyfriend to satisfy my growing interest on museums and galleries. I became fond of going to museums when I was still in the Philippines. Now that I am already in Canada, I want to continue that interest and appreciate the beauty of art and artists we have in this country.

Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) is the oldest cultural institution in Alberta and the only museum in the province which is devoted to the exhibition and preservation of art and visual culture.



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The facade itself left me in awe. The gallery’s exterior has a unique architecture which presents a modern and futuristic look. The entrance fee for adults is 12 bucks but I only paid 10 bucks because of my student ID (Oh the perks of being a student lol). We were not able to roam around the gallery that much because we arrived at 4PM and it closes at 5PM but still, we had fun seeing some of the exhibits.












The gallery is currently undergoing some renovations and some of the rooms are closed. We were also unable to see the exhibits on the third floor but I’m hoping to go back again once the renovations are done.
I had fun exploring the Art Gallery of Alberta and I would really love to go back as well! AGA is my first gallery trip in Edmonton and also my first this year. Also, my first with a boyfriend 😉 Looking forward to more gallery trips this year! I’m so stoked!
AGA is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 11AM to 5PM and on Wednesdays from 11AM to 9PM. For more information about AGA, you can visit their website at

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