Beauty hack: NYX Cosmetics

Hello guys! I’m about to share with you my recent discovery in the world of beauty! Lol. I’ve never been loyal when it comes to a make-up brand. As long as it’s cheap and can make my face more presentable, then I’m buying it. But recently, I found myself getting hooked with NYX Cosmetic products. The brand made me realize that you can actually have a presentable look without spending huge amount of money.

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My first purchase from NYX Cosmetics is the NYX stay matte but not flat foundation powder. I loved it even on my first try! It made my face look smoother, lighter and less oilier. Also,  it was half the price of my previous foundation powder which made it better!
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Another product  I really love is the NYX Sculpt & Highlight Brow Contour. This is NYX’s newest product and I must say, this is also the easiest way to make your eyebrows on fleek! It’s a two in one product which include a brow pencil and a brow highlighter. I love how the highlighter makes my eyebrows look bolder and have more accent. I’m using the Ash brown/medium brown colour but there are three other options to choose from.

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I also love the NYX Wonder Pencil, which I normally use as an eye liner– to keep my eyes look wider and more awake. But actually, this product is also a concealer, an eye brightener and a reverse lip liner all in one. How can a product be so amazing?
setting spray

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Last, but definitely not the least, is  the NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray. It is a lightweight, water based setting spray that keeps your make-up look matte at any kind of weather. I’ve been using this for a week now and it lasted for 4-6 hours which I find really nice especially at work and on times I can’t retouch my make-up. This is a perfect combination with your Stay matte but not flat powder foundation.
I plan to continue using their products and will find out more of them in the future. If you also love NYX products, or you like to recommend some beauty tips and other cosmetic brands, feel free to comment below! Till my next post 🙂


PS. NYX Cosmetics did not pay me to make this blog. It is with all initiative (and love for the product!) that I decided to share this with you guys 🙂

11 thoughts on “Beauty hack: NYX Cosmetics

  1. NYX is one of my fave brands as well as e.l.f. (I wrote about both today). A few years back, NYX’s eyeshadows were a bit on the chalky side, but the improvements to the brand have been epic. I LOVE Wonder Pencil and use it as a lipliner and Wonder Stick is my go-to contour/highlighter. NYX is getting a lot of love lately!

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    1. I’ve read your last post and find it very entertaining 🙂 And yes, Wonder pencil is the bomb! I tried using it as a concealer a while ago and i loved it too! I must agree, that NYX is being liked by many recently. I know some friends who are fans of the brand as well. Thanks for your comment and for reading this post! Have a great day 🙂 xx


      1. Yes i do 🙂 You can follow me on Twitter (@iamkrinvrza) and Instagram (@krinavarroza) Lol no worries! I appreciate it, you’re so nice 🙂 I’ll follow you back as well 🙂 Have a good day ahead! xx

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