Recreate your denim blouse inspired by Social Print Studio

One thing that will never disappear in my wardrobe are my denim pieces. Denim pants is my go-to whenever I feel like being cozy and laid back (well actually, it’s also my go-to when I get lazy to dress up :p) Same goes as my denim blouse. Aside from the fact that it never gets old, what I love most about denim blouses is that you can style it in so many ways! So now I’m here to share with you some ways on how to style your denim blouse; appropriate for four seasons—spring, summer, winter and fall.

 1. Spring
I love the spring season because I can wear my dresses again! It’s also the time of the year to be playful with colors. In this photo, I matched my denim blouse with my floral dress and tights from Forever 21. I opted to use my vintage boots, also from Forever 21 to complete the outfit. (I love F21 obviously lol)
Removing the tights will make a big difference on the whole outfit and make it more summery, like this:


2. Summer


Looking for the perfect outfit for a music festival? Using a denim blouse which I borrowed from a friend, I put it over this colorful top (also borrowed from my ex roommate. My friends are so awesome! lol) and used my high cut shoes to complete this hip and sporty look. I wore this outfit in a music festival in the Philippines.


3. Fall


Layers. It’s the season for anything leather and I am totally obsessed with leather jackets! So using the same denim blouse, I tied its end to make it more fit, matched it with a green maxi skirt and put on a leather jacket. I used my wedge to complete this edgy and girly look.


4. Winter/Spring 
I dreadfully hate this season. I mean, who doesn’t? Coats, layers and more layers is a must! You can still wear your ever flexible denim blouse though (on winter to spring transition maybe or on times when the cold is bearable). Using the same clothing piece, I put over my winter coat from Urban Behavior and a scarf I bought from the dollar store. I’m wearing a high knee boots just because I don’t have uggs.


Four different looks using one fashion piece; you can never go wrong with a denim blouse!

If you feel more confident and like taking an extra leap, why not recreate your favourite fashion piece, capture every look and create a photo book out of it? Social Print Studio can actually do it for you! With their collection of photo books, it’s a great way to bring your favorite outfit photos to life. Not only it can inspire you to continue loving to dress up, it might inspire others too!


Hope you like this post! If you have any fashion tips and suggestions you’d like to share, feel free to comment below 😉




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