Summer essentials with MakeSpace

It’s finally summer again! Are you excited? I am! Living in a tropical country all my life, I never experienced winter and once I did, I dreaded it immediately. That’s why when warmer days are back I got so excited pack away my winter clothes and show off my summer essentials again. Today I am sharing you my top picks for summer to make it more enjoyable.
1. Summer dresses (of course!)


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Oh you know how I love my dresses! One thing I hate about winter is the fact that I can’t wear dresses too often. Sometimes, when I really feel like wearing it, I wear tights and knee boots to protect me from cold but—I live in Edmonton, so usually I regret it. Lol. I think dresses are an essential for Spring/Summer seasons because they are so cozy to wear. It gives you the chic/girly feel without sacrificing your comfort. Besides, this season is all about colors! Colorful and floral dresses is in and make this season an opportunity to own one!
2. Flats
Since we are already talking about comfort, a pair (or pairs! lol) is a must have on your wardrobe. This season gives us the opportunity to do lots of outdoor activities, so we must get our walking shoes ready anytime. I like wearing flats cause it’s stylish and comfy!
3. Denim shorts


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Denim shorts is my go to on days when i don’t feel like dressing up. I have lots of short shorts even back in the Philippines and I enjoy wearing them whenever I’m going out for coffee with my friends or going out of town.
4. Skirts


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I know, too girly. Lol but i love my skirts as much as i love my dresses! This is the season to flaunt your legs. We deserve it after a few months of being wrapped under our coats!
5. Sunglasses


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We need some accessories for this season as well and I think sunglasses is everyone’s favourite. Something to protect our eyes from the rays of the sun is much needed, plus it is fashionable too!
Now that the summer season has begun, the next problem is storing our last season must haves. If you are struggling on where to store all your off-season clothes and accessories, I’ve got some news for you. I just discovered this storage app called MakeSpace. It is a service that comes to your place, grabs your stuff and stores it. You can also tell them to bring whatever you need out of storage, whenever you feel like it. It is the perfect off site closet, you can even catalog your items with the app! All you have to do is create your account, put in your location and you’re good to go.
Till my next post!

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