Feel sexy this fall with Adore Me

What makes you feel sexy? For me, being sexy does not only exist on a certain body type. That’s why when Adore Me invited me to participate on their #flirtyfallflatlay project, I got so ecstatic. I think this is a good opportunity to show that every girl should believe they are sexy because they deserve it. Even if the season require us to bundle up everyday, this should not stop us from feeling and looking good.

There are a lot of ways that can makes us feel sexy, and today I’ll be sharing mine. Together with Adore Me, I believe that investing on a quality lingerie is a good start. It does not need to be seen, but knowing that I am wearing a sexy lingerie makes me more confident.
Leather jacket- Forever 21, Dress- Forever 21, Shoes- Aldo


Leather jacket is sexy and is definitely one of my fall essentials. Putting it over a dress creates a fashionable outfit, great for casual occasions like meeting with friends or going to school. Wearing a stylish aztec-style bra underneath completes the edgy but sexy look.


Sweatshirt-Toronto Chinatown, Boots- Forever 21, Leggings- Urban Planet


On times when I just want to hibernate and feel cozy, this sweater and leggings are my go to. Choosing a blue lace bra will make you feel sexy even on your lazy days.
Dress- Zara, Flats- Forever 21


The party dress. I am a big fan of classy and flirty outfits, and this LBD is just perfect. It has a thicker material which is good for a colder season. A red lace bra will make you feel sexy while still being sophisticated and reserved. I know stilettos are perfect for this outfit but let’s be real. If you are going to dance the night away, who wants to be bothered by their feet all night?
Inspire yourself to feel sexy everyday and be inspired with Adore Me! They offer a huge selection of bras and panties, activewear,and even sexy-plus lingerie for women of all sizes. You can also follow them on Pinterest for more ideas.

What makes you feel sexy? Let me know what you think on the comment section below. Would love to hear it from you 🙂

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