Blog feature: Adore Me’s new activewear collection

Hi guys! Did you know that last Wednesday was National Women’s Health and Fitness day? Being an advocate of women empowerment, I believe that Health and Fitness is an important issue we should not ignore. Most women are so obsessed on how they look physically, without realizing our health matters more.
Thankfully, there are brands like Adore Me that acknowledges women’s health. They encourage women to look good and stay healthy by committing themselves to be a staple on our wardrobe whatever the occasion is. The lingerie online shop is set to launch their new activewear collection tomorrow (October 1) and we are fortunate to have a sneak peak on their new  collection.







Much like as their intimates, Adore Me’s activewear offers sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. And because I love my dearest readers, we will be giving 10% off when you buy one of Adore Me’s new activewear collection. Just use the code: GETACTIVE10. Take note that the code won’t be activated until October 1. You can also check their existing selection of activewear here.



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