Boot care 101: How to make your boots look new

Boots are everyone’s best friend especially during this season, it is a timeless fashion staple. Considering that purchasing a good pair of boots is also an investment, it is essential that we know how to take care of them. Together with King Ranch Saddle Shop, I am going to share with you some tips in order to make our favourite footwear last long and look new.

 1. Keep its shape


One thing that could make your boots look good is by keeping its shape. There are boot shapers you can buy for your taller boots or for cheaper alternatives, you can also use newspaper or magazine rolls to maintain your boots’ original shape.
2. Clean it regularly


There are so many ways to clean your boots. For after every use, apply a mixture of saddle soap and water into a soft cloth. For salt strains, you will need an equal mixture of water and white vinegar. For scuffs, an equal mixture of baking soda and water is perfect. And for dirt, you can use a damp rag to rub it into your boots.
3. Store it properly when not in use


Keep your boots at room temperature away from direct sunlight. You can also place it in shoe box or bag to allow the leather to breathe.
4. Keep your feet dry


No matter how good your boots look, it won’t be nice if it has a constant odour. This can be avoided by not wearing your boots while your feet is wet. It is also advisable to protect your boots from anything wet to prevent it from any damage.
5. Conditioning is the key


Polishing your boots will keep its shine and quality. Use a leather conditioner to prevent it from cracking and being supple.
Investing on a good quality of boots is just as important as taking care of them. King Ranch Saddle Shop values quality boots and boot care as they authentic goods made with the highest quality of materials. Their huge selection of durable men’s boots and elegant women’s boots boots are created to last for a long time. You can follow them on Facebook or Instagram for more details.
How do you take care of your boots? Let me know your take on my tips by commenting below 🙂

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