The WCW Project

Happy Wednesday everyone! For me and Think Happy Thoughts, today is not just an ordinary Wednesday. As an advocate of self, body love and women empowerment, today is going to be the start of something big and exciting! May I present to you… the WOMEN CRUSH WEDNESDAY PROJECT.

I was checking Instagram one afternoon and felt so happy seeing photos of people who live their lives to the fullest. But what happens after Instagram? What happens after social media? Are we really happy? In reality, the basis of a happy life cannot be seen through material things. Loving ourselves, embracing our identity and having the confidence to conquer the world– that’s how we should live our lives. That’s how I came up with the WOMEN CRUSH WEDNESDAY PROJECT (WCW Project)
#WCW, as we all know, stands for Women Crush Wednesday in social media terms. On Wednesdays, people usually post a photo of one girl that they admire. Using the same concept, the WCW Project will be featuring one girl every Wednesday who will show us how they embrace womanhood. Their journey will surely be relatable to all of us because they also deal with problems all women are facing (career, life, growth, looks, love, boys). But you will be shocked on how confident they are on facing these problems. Their stories will surely inspire and empower all of us!
I want this to be interactive as possible and I believe that everyone deserves to be in this project! If you know someone who deserves to be featured on this series or if you’ve got a story you want to share, feel free to shoot me an email and I will be glad to share your story to my readers. I will also be active on social media (Twitter and Instagram) so feel free to use the hashtag #WCWProject and let’s connect 🙂
So see you all next Wednesday for the first story on this project! Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Just comment on the section below

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