WCW: Arielle Tan

Welcome to the WCW Project! The project was launched last week with a vision to support, inspire and empower women all over the world. Today we are lucky to be joined by a lifestyle blogger who will share her joys and struggles about her passion. So without any further ado, let me present our first WCW, ARIELLE TAN.
Blogging has become a huge platform for people who wants to share their thoughts  and opinions. Some even make it their career and have the privilege of getting introduced to more people and events. Despite the glitz and glamour, struggles are also inevitable. Today, lifestyle blogger Arielle Tan will share the highs and the lows on making blogging her career.



Arielle Tan
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Owner of the blog With All My Affection
Why ARIELLE is our WCW:
  1. She’s obsessed with the History of Art
  2. She loves reading crime stories
  3. Like most of us, she’s a foodie too!
  4. She wants to travel around Europe someday
  5. Her comfort drinks are hot chocolates and lattes
5 things ARIELLE can’t live without:
  1. Cellphone
  2. Computer
  3. Make-up collection
  4. Family
  5. Her boyfriend ❤
Arielle is Vietnamese born and raised in Montreal. She created her own lifestyle blog in 2013. Since then, she managed to have her own readers and as of the moment, her blog has reached to almost 15,000 followers. Not to mention her audience on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) who constantly reads her articles too.
Arielle finds happiness in meeting people who are just as committed and dedicated as her. Through blogging, she gets to discover new things with her fellow bloggers and readers, in fact she also get inspirations from them. What I love most about Arielle is that she doesn’t think of blogging as a competition. I remember when I just started blogging last year, Arielle was one of the first few bloggers who reached out to me. Even though her blog was already established, she still remains to be humble. Our WCW is very down to earth, classic and easy going who loves the simplest things in life.
Some girls are shy to tell someone they write blogs because they are scared to be laughed at. And yes, I’ve been there. So when I asked Arielle on how she gains her confidence, she just smiled and told me she brushed off what others think of her. ” I dress the way I want to dress, I wear makeup the way I want it to be and I eat the food I want to eat. As long as it doesn’t hurt me or the environment, I am happy and happiness is one of the best source of being confident. I stopped comparing myself to other girls and instead I take them as inspirations or motivations. Everything is about perspective”, she added.
Amidst all the success Arielle is getting from her blog, she admits having struggles too. One of those is the pressure of being on top of everything, not to mention the preconceived ideas of people on what a blogger should be. Working in this industry can really get to you sometimes but staying genuine is the key to deal with the pressure. “It is quite overwhelming working in such a fast paced and extremely competitive industry. But I chose to focus on myself and on what I love and it got me to where I am now,” Arielle said.
Blogging can be really fun and if you want to be a blogger, there’s no harm in starting to be one. Arielle’s advice to women is to follow your passion and follow where your heart leads you. For her, understanding our value is essential. Everyone is unique in their own way and we need to appreciate ourselves. Never change for someone and stop comparing yourself to anyone, instead, work on what you have and empower each other.
Learn more about Arielle on her blog, With All My Affection and follow her on her social media accounts.
I hope you enjoy the first story on our WCW Project. Don’t forget to follow WCW Project on Instagram and use the hashtag #WCWProject. You can also submit your story through email. See you all next week for another inspiring story from the WCW Poject.

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