WCW: Going natural with Gigi Naturelle


Hello everyone! It’s Wednesday again which means it’s time for us to get to know another WCW. First of, I’ve received so many positive feedback about our project and our first story so I would like to grab this opportunity to thank everyone who have read, liked and participated the WCW Project. For those who would like to participate and submit their story, feel free to contact me here.
Now back to regular programming 🙂

As they say, our body is a sacred temple so we must take good care of it. However, most people think having a healthy lifestyle is no fun. How can we live our life to the fullest if we always stop ourselves just because it is not right for our body? Worry no more! Our WCW this week will prove the significance of living a natural lifestyle and how can it actually be enjoyable.


Meet Ginette Nuzzi, a 27 year old mom and wife from Illinois. Ginette is an advocate of green beauty and created a blog with the same concept to encourage women to live a natural lifestyle.
5 reasons GINETTE is our WCW:
  1. She loves renovating! Having a degree in Interior Design, Ginette constantly designs her house and even helps her loved ones on their house projects.
  2. She’s a lover off all things French.
  3. Her family is everything.
  4. She’s a go getter.
  5. Her favourite meal is breakfast and legitimately gets excited for it the night before.
5 things GINETTE can’t live without:
  1. Notebooks/planners and sharpie pens
  2. A hot beverage
  3. Vinegar
  4. Camera
  5. Throw pillows


Ginette started her advocacy on green beauty after having  an acute eczema, a condition which causes the skin to become inflamed or irritated. That incident on her life made her rethink on how she was living. To heal her eczema completely, she changed her lifestyle and began checking the ingredients of the products she has been using. It was when Ginette realized that some products contained questionable items, including a few of her favourite beauty brands. Giving up her passion for beauty products was not an easy decision so Ginette thought of an alternative way to use it without sacrificing her health. She constantly looks for make-up and skincare brands that are free of harmless ingredients. It was not easy finding one when she started but fortunately, organic beauty brands are starting to pop each year. The green beauty advocate began testing and reviewing these products which eventually led her to create her own blog, Gigi Naturelle. Her blog also consists of healthy food recipes and DIY organic products she made herself. Her goal is not just to encourage her readers to live natural, she also encourage them to enjoy it.
Ginette’s advocacy is inspired by her family. Just like anybody else, family means everything to her. She plans to continue this kind of lifestyle so she can spend more time with them.  Apart from that, the green beauty blogger also enjoy sharing her discoveries to others, especially with women. She compares it to a perfect job that once you found it, you look forward to doing it everyday.
Outside her advocacy and blogging, our WCW spends time with her loved ones. However, she also makes sure to have an alone time. She admits not having a lot of confidence but she embraced the fact that she is a work in progress. She does not dwell on negative things, instead, she appreciates the beauty of life. She is one strong and compassionate woman who knows what she’s doing. She is very approachable too!
Our woman crush is truly a girl with passion. It is not easy to start a healthier lifestyle but she did make it sound fun and enjoyable. If she can do it, she’s sure we can too! Learn more about her advocacy and reviews on natural beauty products on her blog, Gigi Naturelle and make sure to follow her on social media.

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