WCW: Jamie Clark

I’m so excited to introduce this week’s WCW; she’s going to talk about what I believe, every woman has to fight for. This week, it’s all about every woman’s dreams and goals. It’s all about how following our dreams can be the happiest feeling in the world.

I believe that each one of us, regardless of our gender, is defined by our passion. It is what differs us from one to another. Knowing what we want in life gives us the kick and motivation to live. It inspires us to do well. Unfortunately, not everyone has the confidence to follow their dreams. Circumstances and society tend to be a huge factor to hinder a person in pursuing what they want. But in reality, our passion is the ultimate key to our happiness. Just look at our woman crush for this week, Jamie Clark. Her love for writing took her places. It eventually landed her a job she loves too!
Jamie is a content writer from Boston. She writes for a web development company. On her free time, she writes on her own website called Don’t Give a Jam where she posts lifestyle blogs and product reviews.
Why JAMIE is our WCW:
  1. Breakfast is her favourite meal of the day
  2. She can read about 5 books all at the same time
  3. She loves watching sports, especially the Boston teams
  4. She’s had the same best friend since I was three years old
  5. She believes in aliens, they definitely exist
5 things JAMIE can’t live without:
  1. Green tea
  2. Friends/family/boyfriend
  3. Netflix
  4. Writing
  5. Mascara
Jamie has always been in love with words ever since she was young. Taking a degree in English is somehow an easy decision because she loves learning new words. Writing is her way to challenge herself and being an English major is what gives her the adrenaline and motivation in life.
Jamie is the kind of girl who knows what she wants in life and knows exactly what she needs to do in order to follow that dream. Upon seeing her blog, you can vividly see how she is passionate in writing and how she effectively plays with words in order to make the best blog posts and product reviews.
The “word girl”, as what she describes herself, gains her confidence in writing by developing her strengths and being aware and accepting of her flaws. She believes that confidence can also be gained by constant learning all while loving  yourself. “If all else fails, put on a great outfit for an instant confidence boost!”, she cheerfully commends.
Our WCW is all for woman empowerment and following your dreams. When asked what her advice to women would be, she quickly responded to be unapologetically yourself. ” Is there something quirky or different about you? Go with it. Want to follow a new fashion trend you’ve been seeing? Do it! When you’re in the process of learning who you are and where you fit in the world, don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. You don’t need to have everything figured out by today, or tomorrow, but you might as well get some laughs out of the whole process”, Jamie added.
Check Don’t Give a Jam to discover more of Jamie and give her social media accounts some love too!

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