Smashbox Primer product review

Primer is my favourite make-up essential as it makes my face look pore free and more natural. Although I love lippies bigtime, primer helps a lot on my look as I always have an oily face. That’s why when I was given some samplers of Smashbox primer last Christmas, I got really excited to use it. And today, I decided to share with you my take on each product, how useful it was to me and whether I’m going to keep on using it.

1. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water


Okay so this was my first time to use a water based primer and to be honest, I was kind of doubting it. It literally just look like a normal water so I wondered how can it work on my face? Surprisingly it did and it was so amazing! Unlike any other similar products, Smashbox’ Primer water does not sting that much. Well it does sting a bit, but the smell does not linger for a long time. It’s alcohol free and it has given my skin proper moisture. I did get the pore free look as well so I’m happy. You can also use this as a setting spray to protect your make-up from melting and a refresher to enhance it. Will I buy an actual product? Yes, but I don’t think I’ll use it as a setting spray again. I tried the product to lock my make-up but it was not that effective. However, being a primer as its main purpose, I can say that it did a good job so yes, I might purchase an actual product soon.


2. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer


I got confused on the functionality of this product but then I found out that it works as a serum. For me it was okay, it does make my face smoother but there’s nothing really special about it. I’ve read on other reviews that it’s not that elegant compared to other primer that acts as a serum. Will I buy an actual product? Probably I’ll pass on this one. It was an okay product for me, I just didn’t get excited on using this particular product.


3. Smashbox 24 hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer


Okay so this product, is almost empty now! I super love this shadow primer! I always have problems with my lids cause they always seem to be dark and oily but Smashbox’ 24 hour photo finish shadow primer made it vibrant and more alive. It does not smudge and is not easily affected by sweat and humidity. Will I buy an actual product? No questions ask, DEFINITELY! Lol
In conclusion, I loved Smashbox products. I, personally, have my favourite brand when it comes to primers but I don’t mind trying new stuff from time to time. Besides, Smashbox really invested a lot on their primers so I think it’s worth the try. Hope you like this product review.  Till my next post!

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