My dream closet with MakeSpace

Clothes make me happy and the thought of having a walk in closet surely excites the hell out of me. My idea of a dream closet, though, has changed through time. Back when I was still single, I wanted it to be an expression of my style. Now that I am already living in with my fiance, I want it to be convenient for the both of us, something that complements both of our styles. Either way, whatever my relationship status is, my dream closet still needs to have lots, lots and lots of storage!



Photos courtesy of Google Images
These closets would be perfect for the single me. It’s chic, edgy, minimalist, hip and has a touch of vintage as well. I also love the concept of having a storage allotted for shoes, purses and other accessories. A make-up station is also an awesome idea. This would be more convenient as I tend to move from one place to another to prepare.



Photo courtesy of Google Images
This, on the other hand, is the perfect closet for me and my fiance. As you can see, it is very simple and minimalist, something that compliment both our styles. I also love how it has a lot of storage for blazers, dress clothes and most importantly, coats! Here in Alberta, when its cold most of the time, it is important for us to have a space for jackets, coats and other fluffy things. It would also be great if it has a glass mirror for a quick check while deciding on what to wear. Could be perfect for OOTD shots as well lol.


So fancy eh? I really wish I have one!!


Me and my fiance didn’t have the biggest wardrobe but I can say we are now one step ahead towards our dream closet. We did this by simply organizing our stuff and keeping away the things we didn’t need, at least not for this season.

Makespace 1.jpg


In order to help us organize our belongings, an offsite closet app called MakeSpace gave us a storage guide to decide what are the things we need to keep and those we need to let go.

Makespace_clutter_flowchart_v04 (1).jpg


I know I already talked about them last summer but for those who have not read it yet, MakeSpace is the solution to all of our storage problems. They have storage locations nationwide. Their services include picking up your storage to avoid any hassle on your end. You can also tell them to bring whatever you need out of storage, whenever you want. They turn an ordinary wardrobe into an ideal one! Our wardrobe will remain its size unless we change it or have another one. But as long as our stuff is well maintained and has enough storage for the both of us, then I am at peace. After all, that’s what a dream walk in closet is all about– a storage for the things that matter

Hope you like this post. Tell me what your dream closet would look like on the comment section below. Till next time! 🙂


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