WCW: Meet the lady boss

What does it take to be a Lady Boss? Well for me, A lady boss is someone who knows what she wants. Someone who is fierce and independent and can deal with everything life throws her. Gone are the days when women just go with the flow. Gone are the days when women depend on their happiness based on how likeable they are. A real woman recognizes her strengths, as well as her weaknesses, and use it in order to succeed. That’s why I felt so privileged to have met a woman who worked so hard to be the lady boss she is right now. So without any further ado, I would like to introduce our woman crush for this week—Sharon Duguid.
Sharon is the owner of She Anna Bella, an accessory brand business based in Vancouver. She grew up in Winnipeg with her parents and five other siblings. At an early age, she realized that she must work hard in order to get what she wants. She then had a part time job and worked as many hours as she could to earn money.  She also started putting a little bit of money away each month to invest in her future. When she went to college, she worked full time to pay for her education and eventually became a Chartered Professional Accountant. Because of her ambition, she was able to travel around Canada and had the opportunity to work with so many different inspirational leaders.
Although life has been great for Sharon, she felt that she could be happier if she had the flexibility and freedom of being her own boss. She admitted that she never had the entrepreneurial spirit, but Sharon took the risk and invested for her future. She did a lot of research and found the previous owner of She Anna Bella was selling the business.   The previous owner was extremely passionate about the business and they worked closely with one another to make the transition as smooth as possible.  Just recently, Sharon rebranded the company and officially relaunched She Anna Bella. Today, the brand is famous to fashion enthusiasts and bloggers for their style and flexibility. They also launched a campaign called BYOLB which stands for Be Your Own Lady Boss as She Anna Bella shares their love for style, in addition to the most coveted marketing and business tools, with their team of reps to serve them throughout a lifetime of business opportunities. It was her dedication to the community and to entrepreneurship that sprung forth the motto BYOLB.


Despite her success, Sharon also went through bumps along the road. Having your own business is a lot of work and definitely requires an investment of both time and money. Her income was not guaranteed and there were a lot of moments when she doubted herself. However, Sharon has learned from the challenges and course changes. Now, she finds it exciting to be able to make her own decisions. She described it as the best feeling ever to be able to Be Your Own Lady Boss.


The business owner believes that lady bosses have a powerful purpose and deserve to lead a life that fulfills their dreams and passions. She also believes that they can be found anywhere. In fact, each of us can be considered as one too. “As long as you have the motivation and commitment, your talent will just come naturally. Sure there will be challenges, but never be afraid of making mistakes or being rejected because that’s how we learn. It is also important that we go out and network. Networking and connecting with people is the best way to find potential customers, new business partners, or get support or inspiration to improve yourself either professionally or personally. Lastly, you need to give back. Educate people, inspire them, motivate them—let them feel that anything is possible if they want it enough”, Sharon explained.
Sharon is truly an inspiration. A fearless woman who knows what she wants, and knows how to get it. For those who want to enter the world of business, Sharon’s advice is to be passionate about what you are doing. She also encourages women to set goals and stay focused. Life does not turn out the way we want it but according to Sharon, we should not be discouraged on some minor set backs. Instead, think positive and learn from it. Positive thinking breeds positive results!  “It might be hard for a little while but I assure you, the experience is once in a lifetime!” she said.
Check out She Anna Bella to get to know more about Sharon and what she’s passionate about. Give her social media (FacebookInstagram and Twitter) some love too!


5 thoughts on “WCW: Meet the lady boss

  1. Sharon is an inspiration to all women who inspire to be all they can be. She is a strong, intelligent, hard working woman and I know she will do great things with She Anna Bella! Sharon is my twin sister, and I have never been more proud of her! I forseee a bright future and successful future with She Anna Bella and I love the slogan “Be Your Own Lady Boss”! Very powerful! Go get em Sharon and congratulations!

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