Cheap date ideas you can do at home

It’s already February guys and you all know what that means… just two months before Spring! Lol. But of course aside from that, this month is also the time when we celebrate love and how it makes our life more meaningful. Valentines is fast approaching and is expected to be a little more special. For some, this only means more money. But in reality, we don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy the day. What we truly need is to make good memories with our significant other, even at the comfort of our own home.  And that’s what I am here for 😉 Today, I listed some unique and cheap date ideas you can do at home that will surely make your Valentines Day even more memorable.
1. Coffee dates with a twist
Make your coffee date more special with Match Made Coffee, a monthly subscription box that includes pefectly matched snacks for you to indulge. Every month, they introduce new artisanal coffee roaster from around the world which I think is interesting. This is a great date idea especially now that it’s cold. Put on some jazz, blues or mellow music to achieve the coffee shop aura. Here comes the best part! You can get your first subscription in a themed wooden chest, along with a Valentine’s Day card that includes your gift message when you use the code VDAY17. But if you prefer to get a discount rather than a themed one, you can also use my promo code BLOG10 for a 10% off.
2. DIY Paint Nite for 2
You don’t need to be so artistic to enjoy Paint Nite. Check out their website to find out their schedule and events. You can also search on Groupon for discounts and coupons. But for those who are tight on the budget, having a DIY Paint Nite is your best bet. Me and my fiancé tried doing our own Paint Nite at home during our anniversary and it was really fun. We bought all the materials at the dollar store, a bottle of white wine at the liquor store and searched for an easy paint nite tutorial on YouTube. I believe that it was more fun because first, we had our privacy. Second, we can manipulate the video to catch up on things we didn’t get and third, we spent all night laughing on our paintings. Lol
3. Three course meal for your date
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Thou shall not underestimate the power of homemade dinner. I know this is too common but this idea never gets old! Your loved one will surely appreciate the effort you’ve made in cooking the dishes you plan to prepare (especially if you’re like me who does not really cook!) To make it more fancy, you can also buy a special paper at the dollar store to write down your customized menu. You can also buy some fake rose petals, again from the dollar store, to make it more romantic.
4. Wine and cheese night
Me and my fiance used to do this a lot last summer. We love trying different types of wines, particularly white wines, and talk about life as we stay at the balcony. Even now that it’s winter, I think having a wine night at home is still a good idea. Try out two different types of wines (or three) and have cheese and crackers to pair with it. Sit under a fireplace and listen to some country music if you want a rustic feel. Personally, I am not fond of country but I don’t mind listening to it for the sake of the ambiance haha. Just don’t forget to drink moderately 😉
Remember you don’t need to be fancy all the time when it comes to date. Besides, what we are celebrating is love, not fortune. I hope you can incorporate these ideas to your next date night. If you also have some ideas to share, don’t hesitate to write it on the comment section below 🙂

7 thoughts on “Cheap date ideas you can do at home

  1. i like number 2! I would love coffee dates as I am a coffee drinker but my hubby is not. So maybe I’ll go with number 2 and the rest. I like your stuff here. Just followed you 🙂


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