Things to love this February

Happy Valentines Day guys! Today we are celebrating love which definitely is not limited to couples. Love comes in all forms– it could be love for your family, for your friends and of course for yourself. Whether you have a date or not, remember that your relationship status does not define who you are as a person. You are capable of loving and being loved (okay I sound like a love guru now lol). Let this day be an opportunity for us to pamper ourselves. So if you’re into discovering something fab today, I listed five things I discovered this month and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do ❤

1. She Anna Bella’s Modern Tote in Denim Blue


This month has been very busy for me, in terms of job searching and wedding preps. I needed to bring paper works with me, every time. That’s why I am loving this modern tote by She Anna Bella cause it fits my routine and lifestyle. There’s a lot of space in this purse and it also has a shoulder strap which means less hassle for me. It’s so stylish too– I love the denim color and I find it very hip. Check out their huge collection of purses, scarves and accessories and use KRIZZIA10OFF to get a discount 🙂


2. Urban Behaviour’s Black ugg boots


I promised myself to invest on winter boots this year, simply because my boots are not appropriate in this minus 30 weather. Then I saw this boots at Urban Behaviour and found out it’s sale for $10. Yes, you read that right, only 10 bucks! Of course, I grabbed the opportunity lol. I used to be scared on walking during this season but this boots has a nice grip, plus it’s comfortable and it keeps my feet really warm.
3. Sephora’s Easy Smoky Eye Stick Eyeshadow
Creating smokey eyes are very tricky and this easy smokey eye stick eyeshadow from the Sephora collection made my long-term dilemma disappear. With a little research,  I watched some tutorials on YouTube and used the product and tadaaa– smokey eyes in just 5 minutes!


4. Nyx’s Nude Matte Lipstick


Just when I was giving up on nude lippies, NYX came to the rescue! I realized that what I needed was to find the perfect shade of nude that matches my skin tone. I am currently obsessing over the Nude Mid-Tone peach and the Hippie Chick- Yellow Toned Pink.


5. Top Knot Beauty Box


This product is still not out of the market but it definitely excites me so much! I looked for them on Instagram and it says that they are a subscription box for our hair. All the photos uploaded on their page are still teasers for now but it really caught my attention. This is, indeed, something to look out for! Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to know more about their launch!
So there you go folks, these are the things I love this February. How about you? What are the things you love this month? Share it by commenting on the section below 🙂


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