WCW: Strike a chord’s Shruti Tewari

Happy International Women’s Day ladies! This is the day for us to celebrate ourselves! It’s sad to know that most women live with insecurities and that’s the reason why I started The WCW Project. I want to encourage each one of you to work on your insecurities and focus on your strengths. So this week, I am joined with a very special lady who will talk about my favorite topic: SELF LOVE. I really enjoyed working on this collaboration because her happiness is truly contagious. So without any further ado, may I present to you this week’s WCW– Shruti Tewari

Shruti is a blogger mom from Toronto, Canada. When I first told her about the project, her excitement was beyond extreme. She immediately expressed her enthusiasm for the project and gladly shared her story with us. Shruti is the owner of Strikeachordblog. From fashion, food to love and motherhood– her blog has it all! Her style is extremely rooted and cultural. It can be seen in her blog that she mostly wear Indian ethnic outfits as it tells a unique story which she considers a soul connection. She also likes incorporating her outfits with western trends that makes her style really stand out.


Shruti gave me the most profound answer I ever heard when I asked her to describe herself as a woman. Her exact words were, “As a woman, I feel I am like the Ocean- an ocean of grace gentleness, nurturing, tolerance and depth. I feel like I am the Mountains- I stand tall and proud of my culture and my values and I aim to be someone people can look up to. I feel like I am the Sun- I work towards lighting up the lives of my loved ones through grace and wisdom, at the same time I am fierce and powerful. I feel like I am the Tree- I am rooted yet I aim to rise and grow, I believe in giving selflessly and I would rather bend before I break. I feel powerful and I feel privileged to be a Woman for without a woman, man cannot be.”
The way Shruti handles herself is very inspiring. What’s more admirable is that her confidence started in their humble abode. Shruti has been raised in an environment where her family constantly tells her that she’s beautiful no matter what. I was moved to discover this as I grew up in a completely different environment. I’m not sure if this is a Filipino thing but some think that there is nothing wrong with making fun of someone’s flaws. We are not bad people, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t get why people love telling every person the changes they have in their face or body even if they know they can hurt someone’s feelings. Ironically, if this happens to them, they get hurt too. I am guilty of doing this in the past but I now realized how much pain this can inflict on someone’s self esteem. I learned that if I don’t have nice things to say about someone, the best thing I can do is to not say anything at all.


Our WCW believes that having a pretty face and body is just a cherry on the cake. However, this is definitely NOT the standard of a woman’s beauty or worth. “A woman who has unwavering values which she always stands by, and a woman who is secure in the divine and unique way that God has made her, that for me is the definition of beauty”, she said.
Shruti wants to encourage every women to believe, love, educate and earn themselves. As cliche as it sounds, we know for a fact that not everyone does that. When asked about what advice she could give to women, Shruti told me that people, in general, should not be obsessed on the physical aspects of life. Instead, focus on the value you are creating in your life and aim on creating a positive change in someone else’s life. Shruti also believes that we should work on our spiritual growth. I just love Shruti’s belief and faith! She, for me, is an epitome of a real woman. She lives by her example. I just love love love her depth and maturity.

Visit Strikeachordblog to discover more abut Shruti. Give our WCW’s social media account some love too!

8 thoughts on “WCW: Strike a chord’s Shruti Tewari

  1. Loving this collaboration, both as women and women of color!

    To have been taught from an early age, one’s worth and beauty, is a gift beyond measure.
    To learn, no matter how late, that cultural norms (cutting into someone) don’t have to live on is beauty in itself.

    Kudos ladies!

    P.S. If ever you’re interested in sharing the voice of a newly ’emancipated’ empty nester on a journey of self (re)discovery, please feel welcome to be in touch.

    Liked by 1 person

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