Cory Christopher’s Build your own Terrarium

Terrariums are a great staple, especially when you are into vintage or bohemian vibe or simply someone who likes maintaining an indoor garden. I always wanted to make my own. I dropped by the Cory Christopher booth at the  EHGS 2017 and when I saw that they were offering a terrarium workshop, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. A terrarium workshop originally costs $110 but for only $20, I was able to make my own and the best part was I got to bring it home lol.

Cory Christopher produce memorable weddings and events for clients seeking uniquely creative design ideas and astonishingly beautiful experiences. Aside from the terrarium workshop, they also offer Fresh Floral Workshop and Kids Spring Garden Workshop this season.
This terrarium caught my eye. It’s very sophisticated and very vintage/bohemian. Unfortunately they were not selling this.

unnamed (2)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (4)

unnamed (11)

The staff were so accommodating. They were willing do the messy part but I told them I want to do it.

unnamed (10)

And the finish product….

unnamed (7)

unnamed (8)

Tadaaaa! Was cause I messed it up when we got home. Anyways, I still had a great time. The workshop didn’t last long but it was memorable. They also told me where to buy cheap plants and materials if I want to do another one.
In case you are interested in joining one of their workshops, zoom in this photo or visit their website.

unnamed (5)

Have you tried making your own terrarium? Share your experience on the comment section below. Talk to you soon!


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