Beat the heat with Warby Parker’s newest collection

Sunnies are back! Growing up in a tropical country, sunnies has been one of my fashion staple. Since I use it all the time, I think it’s just fair for me to be fussy when buying a new one. I do consider the style but what I always look for is whether the style fits the shape of my face. Comfort is also an essential for me. I make sure that I’m going to use it for a long time. I discovered Warby Parker while browsing online and love how their sunnies can be worn wherever and whatever your style is. They actually just launched their newest collection today which I’m glad to share with you 🙂

I am a huge fan of everything vintage that’s why I’m pleased with Warby Parker’s rounded lenses. All their products are also crafted from hand-polished crystal cellulose acetate. What’s different on their latest collection though, is their newly improved frames. They turned their Haskell frame and put six options of flash lenses in every shade. So from silver to mirrored violet, these sunnies will surely be a head turner!





Warby Parker’s sunnies are just a little pricey for me. However, with the style and it’s quality,  it’s a good investment as it can surely last a lifetime. This is definitely going to be my favourite summer accessory. I can’t wait to have one and enjoy the heat even more!

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30 thoughts on “Beat the heat with Warby Parker’s newest collection

  1. I seriously love sunnies that can reflect…because it looks absolutely amazing to take a selfie with…but getting the right angle so that the phone doesnt appear in the frame is a bit of a pain…lols


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