Edmonton Bloggers Brunch

I never took blogging seriously until fall of last year. So when I  did, I looked for ways to connect with other bloggers, especially those who are in the city. I got invited to an event back in January but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend. Finally, just last Sunday, I was able to meet passionate bloggers from Edmonton in our bloggers brunch held at the Craft Beer Market.  The event was arranged by Christine Bruckmann, from Just another Edmonton mommy.  She is also the admin of the Bloggers in Edmonton group on Facebook, if I’m not mistaken. This was my first networking and bloggers event so imagine how stoked I was!

The brunch started at 11 but I arrived 20 minutes late. I was so embarrassed! Good thing they were so understanding and very friendly. I met travel bloggers, beauty bloggers, mommy bloggers and bloggers who promote local areas and events (date night ideas, kid camps and city events). Hearing how they were able to grow their brand inspired me. I learned so much from them.

unnamed (6)

Christine is also thinking to do this more often. So if you’re a blogger from Edmonton, Alberta, you can join the Bloggers in Edmonton group on Facebook and watch out for the group’s upcoming events. This is our chance to talk about our passion and help each other grow as well. Can’t wait for our next brunch!



35 thoughts on “Edmonton Bloggers Brunch

  1. I never took blogging seriously until last February. It’s also nice to meet your virtual friends. Keep it up and have fun on your journey



  2. Having other bloggers in your circle is fun and motivating. Apart from Learning from them. The are people who understands and support what you do by promoting your blog


  3. Had my website setup for over a year. Just starting to write regularly now. Thanks for letting me know there is a strong blogging community in Edmonton!

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