The Craft Beer Market experience

I’ve been hearing good things about the Craft Beer Market but didn’t get the chance to visit the place until last Sunday in our bloggers brunch. When I entered the pub, I immediately noticed how hip it was. The pub’s logo is painted on a brick wall which also serves as their reception area. They also have high ceilings and for someone who appreciates interior design (thanks to Property Brothers! lol), I consider it as one of their assets (besides their craft beer, of course).





My view from the second floor. See how high their ceiling is?


Even their washrooms were hip as well
Since it was still early and I’m not a huge drinker (party days are over lol), I just ordered a glass of Mimosa. I also had chicken and waffles which seemed to be the bloggers’ favourite as there were four or five of us who got the same dish.  I got served with three pieces of American style fried chicken paired with CRAFT special hot sauce, two slices of belgian waffles with maple syrup and a slice of watermelon.

unnamed (5)

The chicken was so good, I just kept craving for more. The skin was crispy and the meat itself was tender. Their special hot sauce has a little kick, which complimented very well to the chicken. The waffles with maple syrup was tasty as well. I don’t know if it’s just me but it felt like it had a “breading mix taste”. However, it paired the chicken perfectly as it had the right amount of sweetness.
The staff were also kind enough to give us a tour around. The manager made us see how they keep their beers fresh. She also showed us their kitchen where our sumptuous dishes are made.



Fresh drinks and good food– that was indeed a good experience! Whether you are going for drinks or you just want to try their dishes, Craft Beer Market is definitely a must try if you happen to visit Edmonton.

Craft Beer Market
10013 101A Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 0C3
(780) 424-2337


37 thoughts on “The Craft Beer Market experience

    1. I love Toronto! Went there alone two years ago and really enjoyed my stay! I can say that it’s completely different here. Edmonton is too quiet and country for me sometimes but it’s nice as well 🙂 The tour was so fun! Next time I go to Toronto I’ll check out your Craft Beer Market too! Thanks for the comment Leo


  1. I can’t drink, a small glass would already make my face red. The food looks good though and you enjoyed them, making me tempted to try them out myself. Hopefully I will visit the place.


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