OOTD: Red skirt dilemma

Have you ever bought something you really liked it but eventually realize that you don’t? Do you keep it? Or give it to someone else? Or maybe throw it away for good? I recently had this dilemma when I bought a red skirt from Urban Planet. I was excited to try it but I couldn’t match it with any of my tops! Maybe it was also because it was winter that time which made my choices very limited. But now that it’s spring, I finally made use of my red skirt and I’m glad I kept it.

unnamed (13)

Denim blouse is so flexible and can be matched with anything, including this red skirt. I also added a vintage belt for more style and shape. Still not confident to wear flats as it may snow anytime, so I wore my boots from Urban Behaviour.

unnamed (14)

unnamed (12)

What do you think of this look? Did I made the right choice of keeping this skirt? Let me know what you think by commenting on the section below 🙂


60 thoughts on “OOTD: Red skirt dilemma

  1. I’m like that all the time! Impulsive purchases! I usually can’t get myself to throw it out and people around me have different styles so I can’t give it to them. So the item(s) just sit in my closet to collect dust literally lol.

    The skirt looks cute on you! If you decide to keep it, you can match it with either a white or black top as well! 🙂


  2. I just bought a denim outerwear that kinda looks like a poncho. Lol. Impulsive buyer here. And I do have a red skirt too. For me, it was safer to match with black.


  3. Way too often I make the mistake of getting rid of things when I get into a mood of “I don’t like it anymore”…I usually regret it once the season changes. Good choice keeping it! Red is a powerful colour!


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