The Underground Tap and Grill

My fiance and I rarely go out but when we do, we make sure that we’re going to a place that’s worth our money. We love going to Downtown Edmonton for two reasons. First, my fiance works there and second is because of our favourite restaurant. I am talking about The Underground Tap and Grill. We’ve been to The Underground for countless times already but we never got tired of it. The interior, music, drinks and good food are just a few reasons why we always love to come back.

Our favourite resto bar is located at the basement of a building in 100 Street (we’re guessing that’s how they got their name as well?) A huge shelf full of craft beer will welcome you as you enter the place. By the lobby, there’s a huge sign where all their available craft beers are listed. There’s also a candy station which I find really interesting. The ambiance of the place makes me feel like I’m in a loft, which is quite ironic cause we are literally at The Underground (basement lol) The place is covered with brick walls with colourful and fabulous artworks. If you love indie music, you’ll love The Underground as they play a lot of indies here (I was so ecstatic when they played Passion Pit!!)


Now let’s talk about the things that really matter lol. Their FOOD!! I’m not much of a drinker so I cannot really talk about the drinks but what I could say is that their menu is to die for!!! They even have vegan and gluten free dishes in the menu which is perfect for healthy eaters (aka not me lol)
My fiance got the UGBD which stands for Underground Beef Dip, a sliced Alberta beef striploin, slow cooked for 8 hours and sauteed with onions and provolone. It was served on a ciabatta bun and pan au jus. I am not a fan of beef dips but my fiance loved it so much! The pan au jus was made of beef stock and beer which I think is pretty neat. For his beer, he had Beyond Blond Belgian Pale Ale, a lightly toasted pale and wheat malt with a classic phenolic Belgian yeast which resulted a fruity taste.

unnamed (12)

unnamed (13)

I, on the other hand, ordered their Porter BBQ Burger, which is infused with porter BBQ sauce, bacon and aged cheddar. The burger was really good and what impressed me was that they made their own sauce with beer.


For the dessert, we had deep fried vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup and slices of fresh strawberries. We literally left The Underground so full! Everything was just superb!


Overall, our experience with The Underground was beyond what we expected. From the ambiance, the music to its huge array of craft beers and sumptous food, everything was just perfect! We will surely come back and bring friends with us!!
Curious about The Underground? They are located at 100 St. in Downtown Edmonton, just beside the Central Station!


The Underground Tap & Grill
10004 Jasper Ave,
Edmonton, AB
T5J 1R3





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