My top 2017 fall outfits

It might still be fall on some other countries but in Canada, we already started winter last week. Fall has always been one of my favourite season and I always look forward to dressing up in fall time. I also love mixing and matching clothes with different scarves, coats and boots. Today, I am going to share some of the outfits I have worn last season.. just because it can still be fall for the most of you (you lucky, lucky you lol)


Black dress – thrift shop
Cardigan and boots – Urban Behaviour
Belt and scarf – Forever 21


You know when it’s cold but it’s not too cold? Yep, fall weather can be so unpredictable! Cardigans has always been one of my essentials during the summer and I wanted to incorporate my love for cardigans this season. Scarves, on the other had, makes every outfit stand out more.



Scarf  and dress – Forever 21


This is basically just a dress wrapped around a scarf. I love this look because it totally changed the whole outfit. This is actually the same dress as the below. Thank God for the leather boots for I can still wear dresses at fall!



Dress and scarf – Forever 21
Purse – Betsy Johnson


This has been my favourite work outfit last fall. This knit dress looks very sophisticated and professional, especially when matched with this leopard print scarf. I wore it with flats most of the time but when it gets too cold, of course boots are my go to.


Hope you like these looks! Let me know what you think and do share your favourite fall outfits too by commenting on the section below 🙂



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