Winter OOTD mix and match

I find it hard to dress up in winter because of two things. First, winter clothes are an investment, they are not cheap. Second, I find it more practical to just dress in random long sleeves and double coats than to be stylish. Comfort over style my dear friends lol. So yesterday, my husband and I went on a date and I had a hard time deciding what to wear. I dug into my wardrobe and looked for something decent and fortunately, I found something. The look is pretty stylish and the best part was I didn’t spend a dime!



As I was looking for a decent outfit, I found this cute little tutu dress I bought last year for my cousin’s wedding. I decided to pair it with my brown leather jacket and a scarf I just bought this fall from Forever 21. For the bottom, I wore a pair of tights and high knee boots.




This outfit is perfect for a date night or for a night out because it has a touch of elegance and style. At the same time, it keeps you a little warm. Of course, in the long run, you will be needing a coat, but if the weather isn’t too shabby, this outfit itself makes you comfy enough to enjoy the evening.





Winter means more layers. Sometimes, it takes time to figure it out but if you mix and match everything right, you really do not have to buy more clothes in order to be stylish this season.




And this is me having fun and playing with the snow. I don’t do this often. I usually hibernate in the winter like a bear haha lol.





I hope you guys like this outfit! See you on my next post 🙂




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