Ways to style your knit sweater

There’s no doubt that sweater is a must have this season. Sweaters are probably one of the first thing you look for when colder season comes in. But like every other basic, it can be dull and boring once you start wearing them almost everyday. I don’t like wearing the same top all the time but since it is too comfy, I can’t let go of sweaters just yet. So I found a few ways to style this staple and what’s best is that I don’t need to buy new clothes… just have to dig deep in my closet and create a mess out of it lol

There’s nothing wrong with going to back to basics. A cozy sweater paired with leggings and high knee boots is my go to look when I am too lazy to get up but I have to go to work. I also wear an infinity scarf to keep me warm.


Preppy style is a constant trend in fashion. Layer your favourite sweater with a button up shirt and pair it with either a skirt, leggings or pants– whichever you’re comfortable with. Tucking in the sweater also makes a huge difference.


I love wearing scarves so much. This is probably one of the easiest and most stylish ways to create a difference on that sweater. I also used a belt to show some curves since I was wearing an oversized sweater.


Wearing a knit cardigan over a knit sweater is one of the coziest outfit I have ever worn this season. Using a belt made the outfit more chic and sassy. Always love wearing leggings but pants can also be a good substitute.

Which of this style looks best for you? Do you know other ways to style a sweater? Let me know what you think by commenting on the section below!



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