My favourite keto friendly recipes

As you all know, I am trying this ketogenic lifestyle and I love it. I enjoy cooking healthy home cooked meals and I love experimenting other recipes as well. It’s a little hard looking for a recipe that is keto friendly because some condiments that I usually use has sugar, even flour is not considered keto friendly because it has starch. I found some good stuff online which I am about to share below. I’ve tried most of them too and really enjoyed it.

Mayo and dill trout recipe


I got this recipe from my father who is the best cook ever. It’s so rich in flavor and is very healthy too. Of course, you can have it with your preferred side dish but since I needed it to be keto, I chose to have it with lettuce. Click for the recipe here.


Bacon wrapped meatballs with cheese stuffing


The recipe I got from the internet used bread crumbs and BBQ sauce which are obviously not keto friendly. Don’t worry cause you can still make it even without these two ingredients. It’s still tasted the same, can’t believe this is even keto friendly!


Keto mug cake


This lifestyle is easy if you are not fond of sweets. Unfortunately, I got a sweet tooth. I always crave for one. This lovely dessert is what I eat when my cravings are strong. It’s so delicious and sweet you won’t even believe there’s no sugar on it.


Lechong kawali (Roast pork belly)


I’m a Filipina and for me, Filipino food are the best! Roast pork belly or lechong kawali is a very festive dish and can you even believe it’s part of this list? This dish is so high and fat and can surely help you achieve your target macros. Plus, it’s very delicious too.


Keto hot chicken wings


Me and my husband loves our wing night and of all the chicken wing recipes I found online, this recipe is truly the BEST. The only thing is that they used flour and baking powder. Baking powder is okay with keto but for flour, I use almond or coconut flour as a substitution. Maybe not as crispy as the original one but it still tastes good

These are only some of the food I consume while doing the keto lifestyle. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m even eating healthy at all since they all look so sinful! The key to this lifestyle is focusing on your macros and paying attention to the ingredients. It has been a month and a half since I started doing this and I have already lost 15 lbs! Never felt so good from eating healthy 🙂



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