Winter OOTD mix and match

I find it hard to dress up in winter because of two things. First, winter clothes are an investment, they are not cheap. Second, I find it more practical to just dress in random long sleeves and double coats than to be stylish. Comfort over style my dear friends lol. So yesterday, my husband and I went on a date and I had a hard time deciding what to wear. I dug into my wardrobe and looked for something decent and fortunately, I found something. The look is pretty stylish and the best part was I didn’t spend a dime!

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My favourite 2017 fall outfits

It might still be fall on some other countries but in Canada, we already started winter last week. Fall has always been one of my favourite season and I always look forward to dressing up in fall time. I also love mixing and matching clothes with different scarves, coats and boots. Today, I am going to share some of the outfits I have worn last season.. just because it can still be fall for the most of you (you lucky, lucky you lol)

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Summer mix and match

I love, love, LOVE summer. After almost six months of snowing, we finally have some nice weather here in Edmonton 😉 As you can see, dresses are my favourite fashion staple. However, I like wearing shorts and cardigans too! In fact, I was already hoarding summer clothes back in December! One of the things I bought on boxing day, was a floral wrap-up maxi dress from Forever 21. What I like about this wrap-up dress is that I can wear it in two ways. Today, I’ll be sharing a look, wearing this dress as a cardigan, for casual days and maybe festivals as well.

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Happy Hippie (Post engagement shoot)

Today was our engagement shoot and it was so much fun! As much as I love having my photos taken (lol okay so this might really sound too egocentric haha), I find it awkward posing for a professional photographer. Along with the photos, we also had our videographer a while ago to shoot our wedding teaser. We had our shoot at Whyte Ave because it’s one of the hippest part of Edmonton and we wanted to have less rustic themed photos as possible. The shoot ended at 2PM and because it was nice out, I grabbed this opportunity to do a quick OOTD lol. I’ll also share our official engagement photos in the coming days. So if you’ll notice that I’m wearing the same dress, you already know why ;P

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The $23 Sporty chic look

Hey guys! I’ve been MIA again for weeks 😦 Been juggling my time between my new job, some wedding preparations, going to the gym and getting power naps in between lol. But hey, it feels so good to be busy! Anyways, I did a quick OOTD a few weeks ago which I am about to share right now. I love this look as it’s perfect for summer. Would you also believe that achieving this look only cost me $23? Ahh, thanks Urban Behaviour!

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OOTD: Vintage vibe with Urban Behaviour

If you’ve been reading my blog constantly, especially the fashion section, you already know by now how much I love everything vintage. I even tried incorporating vintage stuff to our upcoming wedding in August (we’ll be having a bohemian vintage inspired wedding and I’m so excited!!!). With regards to my style, on the other hand, it’s actually a mix of everything. But still, I have more vintage and floral dresses on my wardrobe 😉  Today I decided to wear yet another floral dress in nude colours. Nude coloured outfits always look effortless but very stylish. It gave me a vintage vibe, which I love and a little touch of boho too.

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OOTD: Work outfit

Every fashionista knows that LBD or little black dress is a staple and is definitely a must have. What I like most about this dress is that it’s wearable whatever season and is easily styled. On days that I need to look professional, LBDs are my best bet. The dress can survive on it’s own but depending on my mood, I try to put accessories for more style.

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OOTD: Red skirt dilemma

Have you ever bought something you really liked it but eventually realize that you don’t? Do you keep it? Or give it to someone else? Or maybe throw it away for good? I recently had this dilemma when I bought a red skirt from Urban Planet. I was excited to try it but I couldn’t match it with any of my tops! Maybe it was also because it was winter that time which made my choices very limited. But now that it’s spring, I finally made use of my red skirt and I’m glad I kept it.

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Beat the heat with Warby Parker’s newest collection

Sunnies are back! Growing up in a tropical country, sunnies has been one of my fashion staple. Since I use it all the time, I think it’s just fair for me to be fussy when buying a new one. I do consider the style but what I always look for is whether the style fits the shape of my face. Comfort is also an essential for me. I make sure that I’m going to use it for a long time. I discovered Warby Parker while browsing online and love how their sunnies can be worn wherever and whatever your style is. They actually just launched their newest collection today which I’m glad to share with you 🙂

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OOTN: Date night

Date nights on warmer weather is always fun. Who likes covering up their nice outfits anyway? Yesterday, my fiance took me on a date and I took this as an advantage to dress up lol. This outfit is perfect for the season as it gives you an edgy look while still looking sophisticated. Also, this look is just an easy mix and match, every piece of clothing I used can also be found on your wardrobe!

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