Edmonton Bloggers Brunch

I never took blogging seriously until fall of last year. So when I  did, I looked for ways to connect with other bloggers, especially those who are in the city. I got invited to an event back in January but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend. Finally, just last Sunday, I was able to meet passionate bloggers from Edmonton in our bloggers brunch held at the Craft Beer Market.  The event was arranged by Christine Bruckmann, from Just another Edmonton mommy.  She is also the admin of the Bloggers in Edmonton group on Facebook, if I’m not mistaken. This was my first networking and bloggers event so imagine how stoked I was!

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Cory Christopher’s Build your own Terrarium

Terrariums are a great staple, especially when you are into vintage or bohemian vibe or simply someone who likes maintaining an indoor garden. I always wanted to make my own. I dropped by the Cory Christopher booth at the  EHGS 2017 and when I saw that they were offering a terrarium workshop, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. A terrarium workshop originally costs $110 but for only $20, I was able to make my own and the best part was I got to bring it home lol.

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Edmonton Home + Garden Show and blog giveaway!

IS IT NOT SPRING YET? Well, it’s already March and I am really hoping for a warmer weather in the coming weeks (although my phone app says otherwise). The season is about to change (hopefully!) and for home decor enthusiasts, spring is the perfect time for doing renovations and recreating their gardens. So if you are living in Edmonton and is looking for inspiration and expert advice, For those who are living in Edmonton, the Edmonton Home + Garden show, is the place for you! Happening on March 23-26 at the Edmonton Expo Centre, the show will offer lots of ideas for your home reno, garden or even a new home! Read along to know more about the event and the giveaway (oops spoiler alert!)

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Things to love this February

Happy Valentines Day guys! Today we are celebrating love which definitely is not limited to couples. Love comes in all forms– it could be love for your family, for your friends and of course for yourself. Whether you have a date or not, remember that your relationship status does not define who you are as a person. You are capable of loving and being loved (okay I sound like a love guru now lol). Let this day be an opportunity for us to pamper ourselves. So if you’re into discovering something fab today, I listed five things I discovered this month and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do ❤

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Cheap date ideas you can do at home

It’s already February guys and you all know what that means… just two months before Spring! Lol. But of course aside from that, this month is also the time when we celebrate love and how it makes our life more meaningful. Valentines is fast approaching and is expected to be a little more special. For some, this only means more money. But in reality, we don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy the day. What we truly need is to make good memories with our significant other, even at the comfort of our own home.  And that’s what I am here for 😉 Today, I listed some unique and cheap date ideas you can do at home that will surely make your Valentines Day even more memorable.
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A better morning with Leesa

Sleep is so important, especially when you have a busy lifestyle. I work five times a week and having a good sleep affects my productivity throughout the day. Don’t get me wrong, I was never a morning person. I used to sleep all day, almost everyday until I realized I’m not being productive. Something needs to be changed so I worked hard to achieve a healthier sleeping routine. Today, I am going to share with you how I changed my routine, hoping that these can help you with your sleeping problems.

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My dream closet with MakeSpace

Clothes make me happy and the thought of having a walk in closet surely excites the hell out of me. My idea of a dream closet, though, has changed through time. Back when I was still single, I wanted it to be an expression of my style. Now that I am already living in with my fiance, I want it to be convenient for the both of us, something that complements both of our styles. Either way, whatever my relationship status is, my dream closet still needs to have lots, lots and lots of storage!

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Gift ideas for the last minute shoppers

Just a week before Christmas and I know almost all of you are already done Christmas shopping. However, some are still completing their last minute gift list. Some haven’t even started yet. Well if you are one of them, don’t be in a panic mode yet! I’ve listed some last minute gift ideas for a stress free Christmas shopping.
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A millenial’s guide to buying and selling featuring Carousell app

Many are becoming attracted to buying and selling because of how fast and easy it’s done. Basically, you just need a product to sell, a camera, an internet connection and then you’re good to go. Despite of being easy, you will be needing a lot of time and effort in order to be successful in the business. That’s why today, I decided to write a millenial’s guide to buying and selling in order to help increase your chances in earning money (and saving too!)

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